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this girl is mine, mine, mine, mine, MINE! and NO CALLING HER LULU! Mmake up yr own nickname. nd boys shes taken (not by me) get it strait that u cant have her. anyways. love u lulu yr bestest person alive. nd yr mine :P love u muffin how u laugh at this. (I no u will)
- Lunaire

:D if you want to know something just be straight up and ask me


A preview to xXAngelus...Part 1http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5agP82QaX3o "You look very presentable Romero." Victor spoke proudly. Romero was dressed in a black on black tuxedo that bore red from the seams. "Your mother would be very happy to see how you have grown." Yeah too bad she can't be here thanks to you, you monster... Romero snarled in his mind. "Your children will become great rulers of the human kind, as well as you, under the dark lord's rule. "Bite me.""Your fiance is wild, but she will be broken.""She isn't wild. She is just a whore." Romero bit back. "She doesn't love me or want me and who would with this cursed blood running through my veins." Romero stared into his skin seeking out the coal black vessels. He was suddenly on the ground gasping for air like it was being ripped from his very soul. "You will speak about our blood with respect." His father spoke sharply.I'm pretty lazy about putting these up XD. The link is suppose to be the song that matches the mood of this scene. I am also going to be trying to make some sort of anime or comic strip for the different scenes soon since this website is an anime website.


For my Luna <3 because I was too retarded to figure out how to send you a drawing properly


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