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this girl is mine, mine, mine, mine, MINE! and NO CALLING HER LULU! Mmake up yr own nickname. nd boys shes taken (not by me) get it strait that u cant have her. anyways. love u lulu yr bestest person alive. nd yr mine :P love u muffin how u laugh at this. (I no u will)
- Lunaire

:D if you want to know something just be straight up and ask me

A preview to xXAngelus...Part 1 "You look very presentable Romero." Victor spoke proudly. Romero was dressed in a black on black tuxedo that bore red from the seams. "Your mother would be very happy to see how you have grown." Yeah too bad she can't be here thanks to you, you monster... Romero snarled in his mind. "Your children will become great rulers of the human kind, as well as you, under the dark lord's rule. "Bite me.""Your fiance is wild, but she will be broken.""She isn't wild. She is just a whore." Romero bit back. "She doesn't love me or want me and who would with this cursed blood running through my veins." Romero stared into his skin seeking out the coal black vessels. He was suddenly on the ground gasping for air like it was being ripped from his very soul. "You will speak about our blood with respect." His father spoke sharply.I'm pretty lazy about putting these up XD. The link is suppose to be the song that matches the mood of this scene. I am also going to be trying to make some sort of anime or comic strip for the different scenes soon since this website is an anime website.


Julieta fell as Chantelle charged her, the full force of her soul resonance collided into her solar plexus chakra. Julieta gasped as she hit the floor, Diana squeaked as she came around the corner of the bathroom entrance, “Mrs. Whitman is coming!” she whispered. Everyone instantly turned invisible as they attempted to scurry out of her way. As usual she was very quick about trying to get in and out of the bathroom, she absolutely hated the stench of children. When she leaned close over a sink to fix her make-up the girls glared each other down. Julieta backed up against the far wall as she moved her hand to face her palm against it. All three of the witches narrowed their eyes at her as she slid backwards through the wall. Once on the other side she squared her shoulders in a shiver in attempt to shake off the brush of awful energy still coursing through her, “this is worse than silver.” She cringed mostly on the inside, but managed to keep from buckling under the pain. Once out on the parking lot she thought, “And that’s enough of school for one day, **** this, if she thinks she’s going to get away with this I’m going to eat her cat and put its remains in a worm cake.” She shook her head as her inner wolf snarled in magneta form. Quickly she was across the next street over heading towards the old cemetery behind the church. She kept walking as she closed her eyes and split her mind, on one half she pictured the belfry and willed her body to jump there. The other half mentally reached out to Romero, she quietly eased around him not letting any hint of her ethereal being noticed.
Romero stared at the board as his friend looked back at him with his astral. He wondered if he was ever going to get use to his new gifts. He usually didn’t like when his father forced him to do those rituals, but lately he didn’t mind the power boost. He thought about his fantasies of killing his father, painfully, slowly, each molecule one at a time at a rate and frequency even he would have to scream about. Romeo took a half breath to calm the energy that built up in his eyes, he hated when he lost himself in the darkness. I refuse to be a part of my gene pool, I refuse to be a part of my gene pool, I refuse to be a part of my gene pool, he quietly let the madness sink in for a moment as he willed it to dissipate like dividing an ocean of pain he held his crown chakra high in frequency to keep his energy afloat.
Julieta crossed her arms as she leaned against the shelf that lined the back wall, she sniffed as she noticed the glamoured guard in the corner. Seems like your baby sitters have started following you to school, they must be starting something big soon. She turned her attention back on Romero as his energy fluctuates, sensing an underlying distress she holds herself back from meddling in his mind. She reaches out a hand on the edge of his celestial layer of aura, a side pokes his head out as she slightly lifts her cloak to show him her eyes flash gold. He nodded.
Soon her physical body was tingling with anticipation as she paced the belfry. She wondered if he was having just as bad of a day as her, but as soon as she sensed him approach she shook her thoughts off.
“Julieta,” Romero reached out with his mental voice as he looked up through the walls at her. He blinked next to her. “What are you doing here,” he finished in a physical whisper as he studied her face.
“You’re ex decided to try to open my stomach up like a can opener,” She lifted one side of her shirt as she leaned slightly to the side to angle the projection of her energy. Romero winced as he saw the layers of her chakra.
“I’m sorry. Did she say why at least?”
“She wanted me to stay away from you, she played it off like you were still her play thing, but I smelled your dad all over her mental state. He imprinted something on her.
Romero silently cursed in his mind, he knew his dad loved to pick people to be in his life that he could quietly manipulate from afar, but this was low. He looked back up at Julieta smoking a cigarette.
“**** it.”
She looked up at him with only her eyes. “I’m not meant to be yours.”
“I don’t care.”
She stared at him with her guard up.
“I get to choose who I love, I’m sick of that bastard controlling everything.” He clenched his fist to keep his energy still. Julieta silently bit at her lower lip as she lost herself in thought, she balanced her energy as she flash lit healed her damaged chakra. She pushed herself off the wall she was leaning against by her foot as she stuck the cigarette in her mouth. She walked towards the window with her hands in her pockets. She let her wings go physical as she embraced their energy, they shook themselves out a little.
“Let’s go get high.”

For my Luna <3 because I was too retarded to figure out how to send you a drawing properly
I Buried the Evidence.. I'll Never Talk..
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