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Azrael aka The Mad Dog.

Azrael is man who has the power of immense super strength and energy that make him incredibly powerful. With all this power, Azrael went mad with it, going around on rampages, killing people for entertainment and searching for strong opponents. However, when he is at full power, he will easily kill a person within mere seconds. Azrael thinks that it takes away the joy of the fight itself and makes it boring for him. So, Azrael uses 5 ancient tattoos on his body to restrain his raw power only for enjoying the fight. However, he will only unleash his full power if a opponent is able to survive his power-ups during the battle. Nobody knows how powerful he reaches full potential but rumors say he is too dangerous to fight with.

-Enchant Dragonuv Level: 1
-Enchant Dragonuv Level:2
-Enchant Dragonuv Level:3
-Enchant Dragonuv Level:4
-Enchant Dragonuv Level:5 (Full power)



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