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wolfman3 - Wolfyprince hi everyone!!
Status: Offline
Profile views:15,899
Ethnicity:Friendship to all
Occupation:Welcome to wolfy's kingdom to all enjoy ur time here hugs u!! Not on here much my life on farming duty promise to try my best to chat u all thanks.
Interests:Girls-cars-friendsship-new mp3 players-money-Rings-Crosses to have on me-Prayers-texting on phone is 270-227-0464 videos and photos are welcome to send on 24/7 to my pack and friends to meet.
Comment posts:5,868
Forum posts:0
Profile URL:http://www.anispace.net/user/wolfman3
Join date:February 25, 2011
Last seen:2 years ago

About Me

Name. Princewolfy-ozzywolfyprince.
Sex. Male Hispanic
Mate. Kisa
Place. Kentucky
Food. pizza and sweet things
Drives. chevy Lumina custom 1998
Friends everyone both sex are welcome to my kingdom
Spend time in life. Running-walking-fishing-cartfish
Fun stuff to do. Texting on phone to friends on anivide
music.Anime-classic rock-Newage-Remix hits dance club
Warning. Dont mess with my girls or my mate kisa she is mine kick ur ass!!
Faith. Bapstits.

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