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wishknightlove - Semi hiatus.
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̸̷W̷̸̸̷e̷̸̸̷'̷̸̸̷r̷̸̸̷e̷̸̸̷ ̷̸̸̷i̷̸̸̷n̷̸̸̷ ̷̸̸̷l̷̸̸̷o̷̸̸̷v̷̸̸̷e̷̸̸̷,̷̸̸̷ ̷̸̸̷r̷̸̸̷i̷̸̸̷g̷̸̸̷h̷̸̸̷t̷̸̸̷?̷̸̸̷ ̷̸̸̷Y̷̸̸̷o̷̸̸̷u̷̸̸̷'̷̸̸̷r̷̸̸̷e̷̸̸̷ ̷̸̸̷m̷̸̸̷i̷̸̸̷n̷̸̸̷e̷̸.̷̸


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Two hearts is being protected.
Popular - hated yet Loved.

He has always been at my side. From better to worst and back. He has never once left my side, regardless of my mood swings.. me pushing him away or ignoring him.He has followed me everywhere and for that I'm grateful, to have a best friend like him. Thank you for not giving up on me.. I'm glad you followed me to our new home amnio.


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