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vishuskahn - While the Angel soars through the Light the Demon dwells in the Dark but me im somewhere in between.....Good/Evil
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About Me

Whats up everyone my name is Kaleb Jamal Williams and im 20 years old.
I love anime, games, music, sports, writing, manga, fighting, poetry and freestyling/rapping.
So add me and feel free to hit me up anytime if you feel like chatting about anything especially anime manga and games cuz thats what im here for lol.

These are short story/poems that i wrote during some spare time please read some and comment

Blind Eyes Can Envision Beauty
From the moment you first spoke I could tell we were meant to be together;
As if the stars in the night sky aligned so that there would only be you in my mind;
and even now as I sit here contemplating my next move to your forever growing beauty;
I cant get the thought of an angel out of my mind because the way I look at you and envision your beauty will be forever engraved in my eyes even if I should go blind;
So that there will never be another moment when I cant see you my angel.
A Lone Wolf’s Emotions
I wish to be that lone wolf bleeding his heart out to the moon hoping, waiting and wishing for some kind of reply from the night sky.
Panic Under The Moonlight
Some people say that day and night are just alike but I would beg to differ;
Day brings light and night brings fright and those two things are very different;
By day your safe but by night you panic because every little bump might cause you damage; So you look to your left and then to your right not seeing that figure creeping ever so sly; And when you notice by the moons shining light theirs nothing you can do to stop the vampires bite.
Ignorant Happiness
If ignorance is bliss then lets cast away all sense of thought ;
So that we may live eternally in an ignorant state of happiness.
The Times With An Angel
This moment here and now is ours, we throw up walls of solitude to be alone yet in each others company, and its moments like these we cherish and hold onto which keep us coming back for more.
Definition Of An Angel
They say the definition of an angel is glowing skin radiant beauty white wings and a feeling of excitement and to me all of those things describe you so when I talk about my definition of an angel all I can think about is you.
A - Another moment in your presence is all I ask for.
N - Not being able to visualize the raw emotions would be painful.
G - Getting into your time of day is my reason for living.
E - Even the slightest glance from your eyes can set my soul on fire.
L - Losing You, Yes, Losing You would hurt most of all.
Where An Angel Stays
They say that heavens in the stars and that’s where Angels stay If that’s true then when I look u in the night sky past the stars and comets that fly by I should see your silhouette on the moon.
The Dying Wish For An Angel
As I lay here on my deathbed there’s only one wish for me it’s the only thing I wish for since I’m dying as you can see I wish for you to be my Angel and share these last moments with me All you have to do is wait with me until my eyes close and I drift off into that eternal sleep because knowing you were there in my final moments makes dying so much easier for me.
These Thoughts And Feelings
If you were to ever leave me without even saying goodbye; My state of mind would be ruined; I would be the true definition of a living disaster; My mind would never find the time to forgive you but my heart would want you back; These feelings and thoughts of mine are conflicted; Since you being here leaves me with a dilemma; Either stay and have a tormented mind and a joyful heart; Or leave and have devastated heart and a tranquil mind; So if you ever leave me please say goodbye and Ill do what is best for me.

I hope you liked them

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