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truelyackerman - I used to be normal...
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About Me

Hey! I'm Alex :3

You have just stumbled upon an idiotic young girl who thinks she can make everyone happy, Even though she knows that she'll mess up some way. This young girl has so many questions, She knows that there has to be something behind everything

"As you said, 'All living things have to come from another living thing'. Well, If God's real and he was the one who created our world, Where did he come from? He couldn't have just popped up!"

"Do you actually believe that every area of the Earth has been discovered? If so, How do you know?"

"When did people discover minutes and days? When did the days and minutes start?"

None of her questions have been answered, Nor have they been solved.

► the anime

▌▌ the memories

█▌ the deaths

◄◄ the episodes
I regularly write and create art for the many fandoms in which I belong, I love talking to people and making friends because they are 100x times better than real life friends majority of the time! So feel free to message me if you'd like :) xx

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