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phantomshadows - ???
Status: Offline
Profile views:15,477
Ethnicity:Angel and Neko
Location:In the shadows
Interests:Anime, manga, videogames, cookies, nekos, angels, anyother, music, writing poems, storys, and many other things
Comment posts:7,318
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Profile URL:http://www.anispace.net/user/phantomshadows
Join date:September 07, 2009
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About Me

My name is Ricky or Phantom. Im 19 years old, born in september 4, 1993.
I love making new people and talking to them so feel free to add if not its ok :)
Im a txting freak on the phone and i love cookies more then anything xD.
By the way feel free to ask me anything even my phone number ^-^
I love Megaman, Touhou, and Skullgirls

Xbox live: blazingshadows0
Steam: Phantomsama


from AquaWar..

from KIOKO..

from tiFFany..

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