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Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford
The Wife of the Queen's Watchdog.

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「 NAME ━ Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford 」
┇RACE ▪ Human.┇
「 GENDER ━ Female [♀] 」
┇AGE ▪ 14┇
「 OCCUPATION ━ Lady Midford 」
┇AFFILIATION ▪ Midford manor┇
「 STATUS ━ Alive. 」
┇HAIR COLOR ▪ Golden Blonde.┇
「 EYE COLOR ━ Emerald Green. 」
┇R. STATUS ▪ Single┇
Elizabeth is a strong-willed and cheerful girl with a fondness for cute things. Her hobby is to make everything and everybody "cute." This is the main reason why she is always so happy with the different ideas Nina Hopkins has for both Ciel Phantomhive and her in terms of clothes. When disagreed with, she is prone to temper tantrums and bouts of self-centeredness. She imposes her sense of fashion and preference upon others and doggedly refuses to take no for an answer. For instance, she insists that Ciel refer to her by her nickname, "Lizzy (リジー, Rijī)." However, on the occasions that she goes too far and upsets someone, she would feel horrible and even cry over her mistake. In addition, Elizabeth is a talented swords-woman; this is demonstrated when she effortlessly killed several Bizarre Dolls. She has a reputation for being a genius with the sword,; her brother has even admitted that her sword-wielding skills are superior to his. Her disposition of delight and innocence is, to an extent, an act; Angelina Dalles had once taught her that all ladies should act weak and cute in front of their lords, smile often, and be surrounded by nice things.
Elizabeth is a young teenage girl with emerald green eyes. She has waist-long, golden-blonde hair with a cowlick that has a slight curl in the front, and the rest of the hair is typically worn in two long drills. Elizabeth often wears elegant gowns that are accompanied by different headbands, both of which are usually decorated with flowers or ribbons. Her accessories include gold earrings and low-heeled shoes; her normal attire, however, in the first season is a red dress with pink roses and white ribbons and a red headband or a pink coat and matching bonnet.
As they are cousins, Elizabeth knew Ciel Phantomhive since before the deaths of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive. When they were young, she, Ciel, and Angelina Dalles regularly played together, and she described the Phantomhive house as being one filled with laughter at that time.

On one occasion, Ciel was fencing with her mother. He said that he was scared of strong wives, so he was glad that Elizabeth was the one who will marry him. Because she wished to become a wife that he could protect, she wanted to quit training, but her mother would not allow her to. On Ciel's tenth birthday, Paula reported about the brutal murders of the Phantomhives. She wept at their graves, while overhearing the ladies, indifferent to their deaths, gossip about trivial things. One month passed, and Ciel suddenly returned with Sebastian Michaelis. She was relieved to see him, but then she realized that she has overgrown Ciel. From that point onward, Elizabeth sought to be a wife capable of protecting him.

When Elizabeth won her fencing match and received new shoes as a reward, Paula commented that she has grown even taller. Dismayed, Elizabeth asked for a pair of low-heel shoes instead so that she can "smile and walk beside" Ciel, who was trying hard to be seen as an adult.
I'm not a number! Talk to me first >.<
Don't take my RolePlay serious
I RolePlay however I want! Deal with it! >:3
Have fun! ^^

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