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Yours Truly:

What am I doing?-Counting days to keep what little sanity I have left

RP??- If I feel like it and it's a character I know well enough

Personality-A little socially awkward, weird once you get to know me, crazy when you really know me. I get into trouble by just being creative in my own way. I like being destructive sometimes and I also like to take things apart. I'm a mathlete, book worm, lazy baby, and a little unstable with mood swings. I'm slow but smart...so many people say that. I'm also bipolar.

Rs-Loveless as always

Sexuality- bisexual

Mood-Pretty good

Likes-Reading, writing, cooking, spacing out, anime, manga, empty spaces, listening to music, singing, playing the drums, being alone with my thoughts, and breaking stuff

Dislikes-Being used

Best Friend- xhidanx

Fav anime character-Tsukiyama Shuu

Top 5 bands(not in order...never gonna happen)
Falling in Reverse
Pierce the Veil
Black Veil Brides
All Time Low
Panic! At the Disco


Contact info:

im warning you now that if I don't like you I'll show it, and if you have a problem with me you can either tell me or just ignore me...I'll get it eventually(im a slow poke). Also if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.
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