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luv you guys♥

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About Me

About me:
Anything else just ask

"We ruin the countries we govern and the people in our care.
We slaughter our enemies and sacrifice our allies.
We'll keep killing till there's nothing left but to destroy ourselves.
It will never be enough.


Simply put:
Alucard is a vampire that works for the Hellsings, a noble family that serves the British Crown. He is very powerful, often seems egotistical and arrogant, frequently speaks out and exhibits a violent disposition. However, he is frightfully loyal to Integra Hellsing and obeys nearly every command for various reasons, including his passion for battle.

Not simply put:
Alucard is one of the original vampires, unlike the new breed that has sprung up in England. Alucard's occupation is rather different in that he hunts his own kind. He justifies killing vampires because these vampires he's hunting down are not vampires but just some cheap imitations created by science. He see's these beings even lower then humans.He fights for the Hellsing Organization and serves his master, Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing.
Alucard is virtually indestructible. He can get shot to pieces only to regenerate, be stabbed by hundreds of blessed blades, and get shot in the head by silver bullets and still live. Alucard is one vampire not to mess with.
Yes, the name "Alucard" is actually "Dracula" spelled backwards, but we don't really know who Alucard is. The series does shed some light on who Alucard might be, and most people believe he is Vlad the Impaler (a.k.a. Dracula).
Alucard is kept in control by Hellsing Organization through special seals. Integra is the only one who can give him permission to use his powers (to a limited extent) by opening these seals. The battle with Incognito is an example of Alucard with all seals released. though he still seems to be holding back.

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