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Ethnicity:Cambodian and Chinese
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Profile URL:http://www.anispace.net/user/denaly
Join date:August 09, 2009
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About Me

Hi everyone ... I'm Dena Ly and I would like to be your friend and reply to you.

I'm a nice person to everybody and would be happy to be your friend.

My hobbies are watching TV ...listening to music... hanging out with my friends... going online... and other things.

I might reply late at times because I'm busy or I am doing other things

I you would like to know more about me then send me a message or chat with me if you'd like ^_^

BTW I BARELY COME ON THIS SITE ANYMORE ! So if you want to reach me then down below will be my Facebook link.


Also follow me on Instagram ^_^!


from shikise..

from shikise..

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