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About Me

I have started a Creative Academy called the A.C.A.
So users can learn new skills and in the future apply them into Avatar Competitions.



...... 0_o You don't say!


Quiz from around the Internet
Open the spoiler for my little segment of if I were...

If I were a Kaleido Star character?

If i were a vocaloid?

If I were a K-on character?

If i were a pokemon?


I love inventing anime and anime characters

Want to see them? Click below

Tokyo mew mew

This is one of my invented mew mew from Tokyo Mew Mew
Her name is Kisura and her mew name is Mew Star, she is crossed with a island fox and a ocelot. Kisura has fox ears and a ocelot tail. Ryou was the first one to meet Kisura, becuse she was new at his school, and he was always worried about her since she always got sick. One day she ended up on the hospital with a disese and the doctors said she was going to die. That day when Ryou heard the news he visited Kisura he desided to inject Kisura with the DNA of the fox and ocelot because these animals convind are inmuned to diseses. And it worked Kisura lived. Days after she discovers her power and abbilities.
Kisura is the second mew that was infused by a crossed endageard species(the 1st one was Berry



This is my invented character from pokemon (advance challenge to be exact) her name is Liana and she have 2 little twin sisters, Linaly and Lizany. Liana is a coordinator and a gym battler, she also was a gym leader but she decided to be a trainer.


Sailor Moon
This is my invented character from sailor moon, her name is sailor celaris and her real name is Selina(kind of like Serina but with a L) Selina is a distint cousin of Serina.

sailor moon the next generation
Rini all grown up

This story starts (Incomplete soon to be updated....sorry)


Code Geass R3: Geass Chaos
My invented character from code geass
Name: Berelie (Berry)
Shes a new character in season 3 (in my imagination).
Read until here if you havent seen the whole code geass series

In the third season the death of Lelouch was all a set up between him, Suzaku and CC, they are the only ones thet know that he was still alive. Suzaku wasstill pretending to be Zero but a stange girl (Berry)appered with the geass and she was asking Zero to take her life. Berry has 2 personalities one personality is an immortal girl just like c.c. but named B.B. who contracted Berry when she was born and granted her life due to she was facing death her own personality is a very sweet kind hearted girl (resebels Princess Euphemia)she always tries her best to not give in to B.B. evil way.

Berry was asking to die cause BB had always wanted to destroyed the world this problem makes Lelouch to revel himself to protect his sister and the whole world.
B.B has already inflicted damage in her other passed lifes but never has been able to destroy the world
Berry and Suzaku share a bond together just like with Euphy
(soon i will make a pic with them together :D)


Naruto Shippuden
Name:Najira Sarutobi
Yes she's konohamoru's sister aka. gradaughter of the 3rd hokage

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