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Ethnicity:Who knows ^,^
Occupation:Herbalife :]
Interests:I like everyhting there is to love!!
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About Me

These are peopple in here that mean the world to me and so much more
This is me and my big brother Misha. He is one the greatest person you will ever meet on this mest up world. ^-^ he may actually be that only person who i feel love by. ~hugs u tight~ I love you SO much!
With you i feel so safe ^-^
Me and mi cute pervy friend Reckless. Hehe he is SO fun to talk to -_- but he asks to many question ^_^ one day i will answer them all for you, but just tell me feel more comfortable talking to you ^^ Wuv you!!!
Me and my little...i don't know if i should even call him friend, But i know so far i have loved talking to him! ^^ even thought he is a bit gloomy but oh well we are not all perfect hehe anyway this is me and PeaceKeeper ^-^
This is me and Ikaika/Jackson^-^ he is SO fun to talk to. Hm but sometimes i feel so sad because he wont come online so much :( :D but that's okay i still love him!!! ~smiles and hugs u~ Wuv u!!!
I Love to hug u!!! ^_^
This in me and nomical. He is just and awsome person!! I love him so much ^_^ i never want him to leave my side. NEVE ever ^^
This is me and my cute witto big brother keiitaro. He is so fun to talk to i hope he know that i do love him and trust him so much it's just that i don't show it ^^ though that doesn’t mean i don't :P love ya!!
This is me and my wonderful great sister!!! I love her so much and I don’t know what I would ever to without you mean so much to me sissy!! ^_^



pics i like..

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