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beyounderwolf - back
Status: Offline
Profile views:3,467
Ethnicity:Mixed bread werewolf and vampire
Occupation:going to highschool
Interests:like watching naruto, bleach, one peace.I like playing football.I am an amature artist and love wolfs and werewolfs.And looking for a worthy master to unleash my full potential of my wolf spirit powers if your out threr let me know and i will serve you well.
Comment posts:386
Forum posts:0
Profile URL:http://www.anispace.net/user/beyounderwolf
Join date:August 09, 2009
Last seen:21 months ago

About Me

ImageImage This is the world i live in .You would to if you lost your parents at a young age.In my world its kill or be killed.Mother,Farther rest in peace and know i love you.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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