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animexlover - Uhhmm...I log on at odd times >_<
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Ethnicity:<== such a posh word for me.
Interests:Dancing . Basketball and sometimes rolling around the ground .
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About Me




●Birthday:July 20
●Status:Trying to keep updated w/OnePiece,to drool over Zoro*smug face*
●Hobby:tag rugby & basketball
-Came back after two yrs to being an anime addict,after getting a wee bit over kpop. x3

I'm known for being a gullible dork.I'm famous among my friends for my innocent dirty jokes,and body gags o.o but you know,grass is always greener.

When I'm funny that means I've gone stupid or totally lost it.

I love my friends!I'll always be there if they need someone to talk to,but not when I'm sleeping..OwO(sorry sleeping is important)Also I'll b*tch slap and cyber kick anyone who messes w/em :3 (if I have the courage)

Ask anything!Don't worry,I dont bite D:

I seriously don't. ._.

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