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About Me

Grell Sutcliff

Grell, as Angelina Durless's butler, is shy, awkward and fairly ineffective at his job, ruining even simple things like preparing tea and getting lost when driving a carriage.[2][3] Furthermore, whenever he messes something up, he has a tendency to overreact and attempts to commit suicide in a fit of melodramatic humiliation.[4]
As a Shinigami, however, Grell is over-the-top and flamboyant, with a tendency to use female nouns and pronouns when referring to himself. He often puts things in terms of theater, referring to Angelina's death as the falling of curtains on a theater act, and comparing his relationship with Sebastian to the famous play, Romeo and Juliet.[4]

Grell is typically bloodthirsty and will do anything for the desired results. When Undertaker causes a cut on his face, he claims he could never forgive someone for hurting his face.

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