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I'm faded once again, I don't know where
I am, but I just know I'm driftin' far from you.

Lunar | Taken | Antagonistic | Snide | Lowkey protective to those few.
♥ MARCH 06TH, 2014 ♥

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Before I start, Just a reminder to myself that I need to get back into writing long letters again. Second, I Just wanna say I love you. We been together for 2 years and 4 months now, we have a long way for our 3 year anniversary. I still remember around 2 years ago on this same day, I asked you to get back together with me, I was happy you accepted even though we were both awkward af around each other, aha.

We been through so much together, we fought, we cried, we almost broke up too on occasions. but, I'm happy to be with you still. You make me happy more than anyone ever had. (no offense to Saphire and Mady, lol.) I'm happy to know I'll be your wife when we meet in 3 more years. I really can't wait, when we meet, don't be surprise when I smother you in kisses.♡

I'm grateful to have you! If I was with anyone else, I'll probably annoy them and be heart broken.(Cause all I do is occasionally talk about Undertale and Hetalia, heh. I swear, I need a new fandom!) Anyways yeah, you can be such a jerk sometimes! You're nothing but a prick, but as I said many times, no matter how much you hurt me, I'll NEVER leave you. I'm THAT devoted to you.

I'm gonna end it here before I get all emotional. So, Happy 2 years and 4 month anniversary dear!
I love you so much, more than anyone.~♥

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