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"I deserve this throne. I was raised for it. Snatched from my parents by the Queen of Azgeda. I suffered her cruelty. I won the Conclave. The Ambassadors don’t get to judge me, and neither do you."
— to Murphy

Ontari was born into the Ice Nation. However, when she was discovered to be a nightblood, she was snatched by her family and taken by the Queen to raise to become the Commander. After Lexa's death, Ontari snuck into Polis and killed all the other nightbloods in order to become the next Commander.

Ontari is seen standing guard in Queen Nia's chambers when Clarke enters with a proposition for the Ice Queen. Ontari becomes suspicious of Clarke's true intentions, when she wipes the blood on knife off on her sleeve, after cutting her palm to signify a blood oath between Azgeda and Skaikru. Ontari attacks Clarke and smells her sleeve. She then informs Nia that Clarke had poison on it. Nia tells Clarke that they could've been allies, but for this treachery, they are now enemies. Nia cuts Ontari's palm and spills her black blood on Clarke's face as a message to Lexa. Later in the courtyard of Polis, Ontari stands next to Nia's throne and watches the match between Lexa and Roan. Ontari is completely shocked and surprised when Lexa throws a spear into Nia's chest and kills her. After Ontari becomes the Commander, Murphy acts as a fake Flamekeeper to officially legitimize Ontari's role, helping her rehearse what she has to say in the Ascension ceremony.


Physical Appearance
Ontari is small and average size, with long brown hair and scars on her face.

Ontari is ruthless and hostile toward her enemies. However, she also has a childish side.


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