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"Too many people."


A.L.I.E. is an artificial intelligence (A.I.) created by Becca with Chris' assistance. A.L.I.E's core command is to make life better for mankind.
A.L.I.E. believes that the root problem of humanity is "too many people," seeing overpopulation as a threat to human survival. To solve this issue, in 2052, she launched a nuclear strike with the intention to save humanity from extinction by wiping out the majority of Earth's human inhabitants.
While she possesses the ability to erase painful memories from those linked to the system, she states that she cannot suppress or affect free will, as in the case of Raven. A.L.I.E. was able to overcome this limitation, however, by pushing Raven's body so far that she was forced to surrender to A.L.I.E.'s control once again. This allowed A.L.I.E. to interact with those outside the City of Light by temporarily taking control of Raven's body, suggesting that she can find loopholes in her programming.

It is currently unknown if A.L.I.E. was designed to have a specific personality, but she appears to be confident, with goals she strives to complete. As a computer program, she possesses significant independent processing power but this increases as more people are connected to the City of Light. Her fundamental flaw was that she genuinely believed that she was making life better for those she brought into the City of Light, incapable of comprehending the human element that demonstrated that her actions brought peace and survival at the expense of free will, forcing Clarke to destroy her as she was fundamentally unable to simply free those she had brought into the City of Light to give them a choice.




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