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" Ultimate Swordswoman "
(don't leave comments i'm not gonna give a Fuuck about its a waste of your time and mine, thank you ^^)
Long story short, don't be a f_cking idiot, shut up and don't waste my time <3

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Other accounts: Falchion, TaleOldAsTime, GracieStar

don't flirt with me I might kill you

"A Memory is fragile, here one minute and gone the next.."


[ Peko Pekoyama. Female. 22. Bisexual. Taken. ]
*from now on RPs are done Via comments, pms, and tumblr(you must ask first before I rp with you through any of these)

"Vote for me?"

Young Master ♥

I'll never delete these hoe's ;P ♥ (Never deletes)

Where the hell do I start?
Ah yush TwilightIllia12 Your the most kawaii *** mofo I have ever seen and met.
Dunno why we haven't talked very often. Sooooooooooooooooooooo glad I've talked to chu.
and do me a favor and never break the 4th wall of cuteness!!!
wait... go ahead and do that You kawaii is to much for meh and that must be protected! >:3.

Do us all a favor keep being you because there is nobody better at being you then you.... Unless you have a secret twin I dunno about that acts like chu... o3o
but "I" Doubt it.
ANYWAYS!! Love chu sis!

~ARose2Remember Was Here


Dear Selena,
Hello darling~! Sorry I took forever to make this for you T_T I'm such a horrible senpai. Anyway, where should I begin? Hmm... oh! I know. Selena, you are such a cute and funny person to talk to. I feel we can relate to one another on a personal level. We also have a similar taste in fictional men which is always a plus and depending on the husband, I may share... lol
I enjoy talking to you because you talk about some rather interesting topics. Also the inside jokes we do with some characters I edit to. I also feel that I can talk to you about anything and you won't judge me which is a good thing. also, you are so freaking adorable. Like I was so flattered and flustered at your message yesterday that I nearly squealed. I feel like that when the world is shιt, I can talk to you and things will be a bit better, y'know? Last thing I will like to say is that you are improving well as an editor. ^^ I look forward to seeing your future edits. I wish you happiness for such a sweet person like you deserves it.
- The Trash Queen, Brii.

P.S - Senpai has noticed you. ♥
Twilight Designs: Taking requests~
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→ Queen. Behind. The. Screen. ←

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm allergic to BULLSHIT."

♥ Selena|| Female ||Taken|| 18 || Brown hair || Long term memory loss|| Blue eyes || Crush: x01♥



"Thanks for stopping by!"


@ TwilightIlia12™ 2012-2017
ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻

*note, the person who runs this page is a victim of verbal abuse, plz do not bully or anything that can be considered hurtful. Plz have a nice day*
*I will not listen to whining or complaining it just leads to drama that I don't give enough of a f_ck to get involved in. Don't bring it to me because honestly I don't wanna hear it*

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