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ShizukiUchiha - I guess we all have demons to overcome whether on our own or by helping of others to get passed them
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Shizuki's love interests
~ShizukiUchiha's Ninja Info Revised~
RP is always welcomed here! Don't steal my info!
Name: Shizuki Uchiha
Age: 22
Species: human
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Blood Type: O+
Birthday: October 13
Personality: Short tempered, calm at time, protective, caring, strong, brave, smart, funny, tomboy, cool, laid back or lazy, rebel and bit of a troublemaker.
Good Trait(s): strong, brave and protective
Bad Trait(s): angered easily and lazy
Like(s): Hanging out with friends, training, reading, writing, listening to music (rock and metal), and drawing
Dislike(s): weaklings, whiners, snobs, people who are all talk and certain Akatsuki members
Hobby(ies): training, writing, reading and drawing
Fear(s): Being alone and not loved
Strength(s): Able to go on fighting far longer
Weakness(es): Genjutsu mostly
Personal Quote: n/a

History: Killed her clan at age 5 due from the villagers picking on her and abuse as well. She traveled the world gaining more power from fighting bandits and doing missions in the villages she comes across.

Clan Info
Clan Name: Monster
Symbol: A dragon spewing fire

History: The monster clan was founded 200 years ago. Their rival ,the homunclus clan , ended up in several battles which caused wars to go on without end. Only a few survived, but the clan was able to get back to normal. But...the 5-tailed Dragonbeast which was in a shrine had to be sealed inside a baby before it could destroy the monster village & its people...that baby was a female named Shizuki.

Specialty: Summoning any monster including fiends, demons, monsters, dragons and various creatures including animals

Jutsus Styles/Techniques: Recovery (heals anything but doesn’t bring the dead back to life), Fire, Water, Earth, Monster, Dark, Dragon, Lightning and Summonings
Kekkei Genkai: n/a

Status: Family in hiding except for daughter

Clan Appearance
-Skin Tone: a slightly tan look
-Markings: a dragon spewing fire on the right side of each member’s shoulder blade
-Hair Color: dark brown or black
-Eye Color: golden

Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: slim build and slightly muscular
Part I: ‘5”1
Part II: ‘5”6
Part I: 102lbs
Part II: 116lbs
Makeup/Facepaint: n/a
Hairstyle(s): down normally or in a low ponytail
Accessories: n/a
Scent: grass field smell
Scars or Tattoos: a scar on her right eye as well as five diagonal scars on her back in a 'X' shape and a small dragon tattoo on the back of her neck.
Jewelry and/or Piercings: a dragon necklace around her neck she wears 24/7

Parent(s): Miyuki (Mother-Age 35) and Akira (Father-Age 37)
Sibling(s): Takashi (older brother-Age 26)
Relative(s): n/a
Best Friend(s): n/a
Friend(s): n/a
Sensei(s): n/a
Student(s): n/a
Crush(es)/Spouse/Bf/Gf: itachi Uchiha
Rival(s): n/a
Enemy(ies): other akatsuki members still living
Pet(s): n/a

Favorites/Least Favorites
Food(s): spicy foods mostly and sweets/bitter foods
Drink(s): soda and milk/water
Color(s): black/pink
Season(s): spring and fall/winter
Time of Day: afternoon/morning
Weather: cloudy/rain
Flower: rose/dandelion
Animal: wolf/cat

Ninja Information
Birth Village: Ryu village (south of Konoha)
Current Village: traveling
Academy Graduation Age: n/a
Chūnin Promotion Age: n/a
Rank: chunin or jounin
Ninja Status: missing-nin
Are you in the Akatsuki?: n/a
Bijuu: 5-tailed Dragon (Gobi; Ryu known as Alduin)
Teammates: n/a
Sensei: Takashi (older brother)
Nindo: “Protect everyone you love with your last dying breath.”
Chakra Element(s): Earth, Fire, Water, Darkness, Lightning, Dragon, and Monster
Weapon(s): Kunai, special serrated kunai (similar to Minato's) and shurikens
Chakra color(s): Black(normal), Red (bijuu)

Fire-styles: Firestorm, Fire Blast, Omega Fire Blast, Volcanic Magma Blast, Fire dragon, Twin Fire dragon, Solar inferno, Multiple Fire Bullets, Fire punch, Double Fire punch, Fire kick, Fire wall, Violent Fire shockwave, and Fire force-field (gives 3rd degree burns to its opponents).

Darkness-styles: Darkness Dragon, Twin Darkness Dragon, Dark Eruption, Violent Darkness Shockwave, Darkness kick, Darkness punch, Double Darkness punch, Darkness wall, Darkness blast, and Darkness force-field.

Water-styles: Violent water shockwave, water wall, ice punch, Double Ice punch, Ice Dragon, Twin Ice Dragon, and Water force-field (extinguishes fire-styles).

Lightning-styles: Violent lightning shockwave (makes the enemy next attack ineffective), Thunder Dragon, Twin Thunder Dragon, Thunder-punch (normal), Twin Thunder-punch (powered up), Mega Thunder-punch (twice the damage as normal), Lightning force-field (makes enemy immobile for a few minutes), and Thunderbolt explosion.

Earth-styles: Violent earth shockwave, Earthquake (normal; paralyzes the opponent), Fissure (powered up; paralyzes the opponent so they can’t use substitution), Meteor of Destruction, Earth Dragon, and Twin Earth Dragon.

Monster-styles: recovery, hyper-beam blast, combination of fire & ice punch, combination of thunder & darkness punch, Fire/water/Thunder/Dark/Earth Dragon combination blast, Force-field (elements increases defense), monster-human manipulation, shockwave blast, monster/dragon summoning, Dragon beast/Demon wolf chakra blast, and Fire/water/Thunder/Dark/Earth dragon combination summoning.

Dragon Sage Mode

Abilties: Heightened senses, increase in power, more chakra to use, levitation, much faster reflexes, better armor due to the dragon scales on the more sensitive parts of her body, more jutsu's to use in combat, and faster healing thanks to her demon Alduin as well as his demon brother Ragnarok.

Appearance: Black combat pants with a few rips and tears in the clothing, black ninja boots, a white tanktop with a small tear in the stomach area of the clothing, a hokage like jacket which is black and white having a desgin all over like that of diamonds near the end of the fabric with two dragons on the back with them being white and black, a dragon necklace is around her neck which she has always worn since birth, two small horns on her head as well as small fangs and claws in replacement of her teeth and nails, on some places of her body dragon like scales can be seen especially on her cheeks and arms, her iris resembles that of the rinnegan but it black in color as her pupil is red in color and a small tail is found at her rear which she can move it freely at her own

Dragon Sage Art Jutsu's
Dragon-Art Omega Fire blast Devastation
Dragon-Art Dark Eruption of Death
Dragon-Art Darkness Blast bijuu damaa (fired from her palms)
Dragon-Art Thunderbolt explosion of Destruction
Dragon-Art Fissure of Extreme Paralysis
Dragon-Art The Destroyer of Worlds
Dragon-Art Triple Summoning (White wolf, Dragon and a demon)
Dragon-Art Combined elemental Rasengan (Fire, Lightning, and Darkness)
Dragon-Art Multiple Elemental Rasengan barrage

Ninja Stats
Ninjutsu: 15
Genjutsu: 2
Taijutsu: 15
Kekkei Genkai: 1
Doujutsu: 1
Kinjutsu: 6
Fuuinjutsu: 8

Strength in Missions
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 8
Strength: 11
Agility: 14
Dexterity: 16
Stamina: 17
Constitution: 16
Charisma: 10
Comeliness: 13
Chakra Control: 14
Cooperation: 11

1 - 5: Horrible
6 - 8: Below average
9 - 10: Average
11 - 13: Above average
14 - 16: Talented
17 - 18: Gifted

Pic of her demon(credit to the artist): Image
Alduin's human state(credit to the artist): Image
~ShizukiUchiha's Soul Reaper Info~
General Information

Name: Shizuki Uchiha
Division: 5th
Seat: 3rd
Age: 122 (looks in her 20s)
Gender: Female
Race: Shinigami and Vizard
Theme song: ‘Die to Save You’ by Sick Puppies

Appearance: Slim build with slight muscles; golden eyes and black long hair that reaches to her mid back; has a scar on her right eye as well as 5 scars in the shape of a ‘X’ on her back and has a small dragon tattoo on the back of her neck.

Personality: short tempered, calm, smart, responsible, cool to hang out with, laid back, strong, protective, caring, and brave.

Quotes: n/a

Bio/History: Arrived at the Soul Reaper Academy at age of 15 and graduated by age 40. Shizuki was sent to be in squad 5 under Captain Aizen. Years pass by and she was at the 3rd seat rank of the division.

~Battle Info~
Strengths: agility and power

Weaknesses: not knowing when to stop in combat or training

Fighting Style: flanking the enemy on any side then surprise him/her with brute force

Zanpaku-to: Dragon Beast (Ryu Kemono)

Spiritual Pressure color: black

Sealed Form: Image

Spirit: Image

Release Phrase 1: Rage

Shikai: On one side of the sword is red and the other is black. This ability allows her to turn the enemies attack back at them with double the power and twice as fast. Each time it’s used it gets more and more powerful as time progresses making it harder to dodge.

Release Phrase 2: Fly Into Chaos

Bankai: This allows Shizuki to call on the dragon form on her zanpaktou to help her in combat using any means necessary to defeat the opponent or to train with her.

Hollow mask: The mask itself is shaped like that of a dragon head with a black X in the middle of the mask as long red marks go through the eye slits and down to the ending area.

Picture of hollow mask:

Hollow Powers: Increased strength, increased agility and stamina, double the destruction. Not to mention a vasto lorde form when Shizuki’s rage skyrockets or when she’s near death. In this form she has blood red pupils, curved horns, a long tail capable of stabbing through anything and that means steel and diamond, sharp claws for ripping or tearing, a hollow hole below her ribs, and dragon like wings situated on her back which will allow her faster movement through the air. She has a Cero which is black in color which she fires from the tips of her horns and causes immediate devastation to her enemies or any area of which she’s fighting.

Look of her vasto lorde hollofied state (credit to the artist): Image

Crush(es)/Spouse/Bf/Gf: Sousuke Aizen
Like(s): Training, lounging around the 5th squad barracks, hanging out with her friends, and walks at night
Dislike(s): paperwork, being bossed around or picked and teased on
My Real Self Info (Some of it lol)
Game Consoles Owned: Xbox One, PS3, PS2, N64, GBA, 2DS, Nintendo DS lite, gameboy color, and Super Ninetendo.

Games I'm playing currently: PS3/3DS games i have
Movies i enjoy atm: GODZILLA (2014) and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Hobbies i have: reading fanfiction, playing video games, writing fanfiction, hanging out with my bf when i have the chance, listening to music, watching videos on youtube and being on anispace.

Music I enjoy the most: Rock, Metal, Dubstep, Electronic or Techno, Video game, anime or movie ost's.

Games i enjoy: RPG's (mostly pokemon and elder scrolls), FPS's, Action and Adventure, Horror or Gorey games, Fighting, and hack n' slash.
Kik: ask
Skype: ask
Phone number: ask
Xbox gamertag: ask
DeviantArt account:

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