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I know this mite not be much but i just hope this will lift you up if not alot but if its a lil then thats all i care ~
Jya this is gonna be a messege for me to you so i hope your listening Timmy ~
So where shall i start it off with ~?
I guess from where we met till now and how i feel about it till now ~
Hey remember when we first talked, when we first met, when we first herd each others voices, when we were there for each other for the first time even though we were complete strangers ~?
I do, we met here, you talked to me first because i was on the forum and you had the courage to send me a messege, and i remember when we first herd each other voices when we were calling each other ~
Then and there i could totally tell your white ( and i swear im not being racist i could just tell you were white )
Ehe i even remember when we played league and we sucked sooo bad i swear we need to play league again and suck even more to the point people will give us sh!t but you know wat i dont give a damn because that was very fun to be playing games with a friend you met online ~
Also i also remember when i was there for you when you had your lil roller coaster with one girl here and i remember that i told you alot of advices and such ~
You were pretty upset but i was there for you, and ever since then we've been close and i cherish all those times where you were there for me when i was crying and having my lil rants and panic attacks even if it was 3 in the morning for me and it was 5-6 at yours ~
You were there for me for everything and you supported me and gave me advices, you know close to everything about me personally and to me its hard, really difficult for me to even trust, tell anyone about me without being judge to the max. . ~
Im happy that you were there for me in the end ~
Just like how im gonna be there for you in your difficult time, no matter wat i think, no matter wat anyone says, ill still be here for you ~
Yea we may have our differences and yea i dont like talking about certain things because it brings back bad horrible memories that i dont wanna think of but in the end ill be here just like you have for me ~
Your my best friend Timmy and i dont wanna see you suffering anymore is all i want from you, i wanna see you smile genuinely, i want you to laugh and having the best time of your life, you only live once and living is so damn precious to the point it hurts to live, it hurt to walk, it hurts to talk, it hurts to even have feelings but in the end we have to bite our tongues and keep living, not for your family or friends but for ourselves. .
Ive died a long time ago but im still living, and even if you feel that way as well you have to overcome some things and i know you cant do it alone thats why ill be here in the end till you push and scream at the top of your lungs in order for you to get me out of your life ~
I want you happy, it mite be a selfish request or even a wish from me but its something i truly want ~
Is for you to be happy no matter wat ~
I love you Timmy, never forget kay ~

♡ Sayaka ( 4 . 9 . 2017 )

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