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Name: My name is Nollaig [Null-ig]
Age. A number that goes up once a year :3
If you must know, I'm 2-
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye's: Hazel
Orientation. I'm not very sure. o.O
Status. I'm -- single! xD
Likes. I like some things. o.o
Om nom nom. =)
Dislikes.I'm thinking. I'm thinking.
Yea. I don't know. x3
Best quality. I'm.................
No clue.....
Worst Quality. Hehe I'm a moody mess. C:
Really moody.

My little secrets

1) I find it hard to trust anymore, due to always being betrayed.
2) I want people to try to hard to get what I'm really feeling out of me.
3) I believe in God. I just wish I had more faith in Him.
4) I feel like I don't have friends anymore
5) I had one parent to begin with... Why did I have to lose her too?
6) I dream about leaving the country and never coming back
7) When things are going fantastic! that's when I realize I'm
going to suffer again eventually
8) I want to be in love and in a lasting relationship
9) I'm jealous of almost everyone who has both parents.
10) SOME days i want to do drugs. Just to see if I can escape MYSELF...
Even for a little bit.
11) I'm afraid of being ALONE my entire life : (
12) Death isn't that big of a deal to me, and I wonder if I'm wrong for being that way.

Other accounts:
Kakashi [main] and Belphegor
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