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Brian O'conner

"Ride or Die"
Brian grew up in Barstow, California along with childhood friend Roman Pearce . It was while growing up with him that he first got into cars and street racing (and other sorts of trouble). When Brian was only two months out of the Police Academy, his friend Roman Pearce was caught in a garage with eight stolen vehicles. Roman is later sent to jail then afterwards is on probation with an ankle monitor. He blamed Brian for the arrest although he had no knowledge of what had happened in the carjacking incident, but more as a form of betrayal as Brian had joined forces with the police force, an organization he opposed.
Brian, now living in Miami, Florida competes part time as a street racer for his friend Tej Parker.
While racing, he is caught by the local authorities and is facing jail time for his minor charges such as destruction of property
(while infiltrating Toretto in the first film) and aiding and abetting Dominic Toretto.
O'Conner was in charge of being placed as a driver while undercover for Verone.
Brian is given a partner named Dunn, who he quizzes regarding his knowledge of cars, and Dunn fails.
Brian then proceeded to request his own driver, saying if he doesn't get the driver he wants, he won't participate in the operation and take his chances in Chino.

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Match AF
Panda Lord

Royal Loyal

My Hoes:

From Melli
Dear Myla,
I should be sleeping right now but I wanted to write you something special before going to bed.
Firstly I want you to know that I love you so much, ever since day one.
You've always meant so much to me and I've never been felt as loved as before like the way you did.
Words aren't really enough for me to describe my feelings but I think you already know this by now.
We did have our ups and downs but believe me, because of the connection we have between each other I don't think anything will be enough to set us apart.
I honestly don't know what to write, because every single day I'm telling you whats on my mind that's why I'm out of words right now.
I'm not quite the type to express my love by telling someone. But I need to let you know about my feelings because you deserve it.
Honestly, I'm a clingy person. Maybe not to my friends but around you, I am.
I just don't want anyone getting close to you as much as I am and the thing I fear the most is losing you.
I can't help but to feel this way. I don't know what I'd do without you.
Yes, maybe life would be as how it was prior to meeting you, but I'd still be thinking about you, just like any other day I do.
You're always on my mind and I never want anything happening to you. Even on the slightest thing I worry about you.
It may not be something serious but I feel as if it might me. Paranoia.
That's what it is. Like I said, you mean so much to me and I never want anything happening to you.
I'll always do my best to be by your side and just take care of you. You're a dream come true and I don't want it turning into a nightmare.

I'm glad I got to spend my Valentine's Day with you. I love you so very much. You're my everything.

Thank you for your words angel. They mean a lot to me.
You know I love you just as much and I always will.
You are someone whom I will treasure forever <3

Husbando Forever

From Noct
~ Your selflessness is fascinating
I'm not the same without you anymore
Your presence is just royal breathtaking
I always care about you to the core
Everytime I mess up something or break down
You know how to make me smile again
With just yourself being around
That you belive in me vanishes the pain
So for me your friendship is a present
An unbreakable bond that grows
From where its went
And it still goes
A couple of miles may keep us appart
But I'm grateful to have you in my life
I cherish you and your trust inside my heart
I hope this little thank you will arrive ~

Boob Fixer poem
How to get some boobs
Lecture one for noobs
To make bitches want mah booty
Is a players highest duty
Sex them up inside a club
Make them beg to do not stop
Put that clothes off nice and slowly
Make them want your body only
Turn me on
And make me come
Let's play the whole night long
I want to hear that moan like a song
Grab 'dem hips and drag
Cause ... 485/190/66

Would you mind it if I'd grab that bewitched 'Add Your Comment' button? I can only touch it I know but it invites me to do so like a clickbait such ones as like cat videos. Let me send you some holy cat: ... 674765.gif

Maybe the whole spoiler makes not much sense, or does it? At least I can say your comment box is addicting. But hey I know that even this nonsense does it's job, it catches your attention and hand some entertainment. So this time I can claim to be a Myla attention seeker and act like an arrogant royal snooty too?

I'd like to fondle some tiny baby ducks. chicks are cute. They all are.
And it's true. You and I didn't had such a weird spam spoiler thingy for a while. Also it's time for me to do some poetry again within your comment box. Depends on what comes first into my mind if random or kind. Your comment box will be the place where I alights.

You're awsome. The one and only fairy empress I've sworn neverending loyalty to. I could have never made a better decission than this. As like to follow such wonderful soul. Blessed with a brave heart and great characteristics; smart, caring, kinky, lovely, cute, random and beautiful!
It is no wonder all and everybody loves you <3

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Just because I'm active on forums, doesn't mean I'm active in comments too.

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