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P L E A S E D O N ' T I N T E R U P T M E
W H I L E I ' M I G N O R I N G Y O U .

Hacking hacking fawking stalking ~ ♥ ;3

She’s beautiful but she’ll never admit it. Music is her life, literally. Ask for a good song, she’ll give you five. Jeans and wearing her hair down are her trademarks. She’s afraid of the dark and obsessed with her friends. When she smiles her whole face lights up. And her heart is broken by a guy who doesn’t love her. And you know what?
She actually cares.

That's you. <3

The gif is meh, anyways! ;o
- Yerr labley macarronehh < 3
08/28/14 15:34

[ Rozen ♪ Teen ♪ Mixed ♪ Straight ♪ Stolen. ]

Distant . Rude . Autistic . Selfish . Quiet
Possessive . Translucent . Playful
Introvert . User . Liar
Artist . Performer



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