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Ethnicity:Kawaii. c:
Interests:Stuff. Japanese Culture and Language.
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About Me

name;Hannah - nickname;Kiki - orientation;Straight
status of relationship;Single /Taken- age;Nineteen
b.day;October 19/1995 -

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- into me -

Hey ^^ Well, My name is Hannah, but my nickname is Kiki.
My orientation is straight.
I have short black hair, dark brown eyes,light milk chocolate colored skin and I wear glasses.
I'm kinda short... [5 foot 2 and a half <3]
I'm 19 years old in my second year of university.
My favorite colors are pink, green, purple, & orange.
I can talk about myself all day, but when someone says "So Tell me about yourself" I can't even remember my own name.
I'm kinda shy, but once you get to know me, I'm extremely outgoing and fun.
I love to hang out with friends.

October 19; 1995

Fave Subject: Astronomy; Stagecraft; Culinary Art; Fashion MDS;
Fave Anime: (see anime list)
Fave Drink: Slurpees from 7/11; Hot Coco; Tea; Raspberry Lemonade
Fave Food: Chinese; Japanese;Italian;Jamaican;Mexican; Filipino
Fave Desert: CheeseCake
Fave Candy: Candy Bars
Fave Season: Spring
Chocolate or Vanilla? Both
Fave Animal(s): Zebras;Giraffes;Pandas;Koala Bears;Kangaroos
Fave Book: N/A {I read a lot}

Making Friends
Making People Happy/Smile
Real People

Fake People
Unnecessary Drama
Mean People

I don't care if you're black;white;brown;yellow;purple; if you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. I don't judge people based on appearances; just on their character.

|under construction|

Ever since the day we first met, we have been the best of friends. She's always so positive and encouraging, and has this big ol' smile on her face. She loves to make other people smile and makes sure everyone around her is in a good mood. What's the coolest thing about her, you ask? She's from Bulgaria! She occasionally teaches me Bulgarian, and she's a wonderful teacher. She's very patient and understanding, and has been there to listen to me and help me with whatever I need help with. As a matter of fact, we're going to be each other's bridesmaids one day! (●⌒∇⌒●) So long story short, Petia is a very special, and dear friend of mine, and I'm glad that I know her.


Cristel, my Cristel! We're two of a kind! Words cannot even describe how amazing this girl is. She's my other half! She's so much fun to be around and is a blast to talk to! She's always there for me, and I could tell her anything and if it's bad, she'll cheer me up in a snap! She's got my back and I have hers! She's always giggly and stuff, it's really cute. She's so talented and very creative; just looking at her page will show you that. She's always coming up with new ideas and things that blow my mind. We'll be best friends forever; and I'm really happy to know that.

everyday i'm...

thanks for visiting; come again soon~

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