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About Me

▪【 I N F O R M A T I O N 】 ▪



Likes:Ramen,Friends,Alot of things
Hates:nothing at all. 030

Never Deletes
Never Delete (NEW~!);
I Love you Man~! :'D
Your Such a Silly,Random Person With a Bright Attitude!
But you do make weird Conversations Though ^^'

But Doesn't Matter,Still Love Ya~!ღ
-Pinches his cheeks-

I'll Keep this Moment a little longer.

Never delete: Listen man..your my brother..your one of my best friends..and I'd do anything for you..thank you for being the kindest friend a guy could have..never let anyone tell you different..your one of the best people on earth :D

I'm glad we met Ricky. I never regretted visiting your profile ever. You are one of the few that accepts to read my weird odd comments and still continue to reply like a true buddy. Thank you Ricky.

R I C K Y❤️

I love you Ricky

Ricky? I Love You With All My Heart ♥

life is what we make it little bro, if you want to be happy you have to fight for it


if im ray ray then you're um
riy riy

You're one of the very few people that are here for me right now..reminding me that i dont have to be alone all the time. Whenever my colors just turn into dull shades,you make them bright and colorful again.No wonder why a lot of people care about you. Im glad youre my brother.Instead of throwing me away like others do to me,you accept my dull and sad personality. I love you bro. I always will.




゚ ゚ ゚ ゚ ゚ ゚ ゚

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