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She is protected by me <3/My daughter/ My nemesis who should be dubbed the #1 best damn fucking Batman rper on this site!!!!!


PrinceOfChaos - HouseOfDaggers is the love of my life
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About Me

Let me tell you a little bit about me which means if you don't want to know then too damn bad, anyway I was born with a golden spoon in my mouth which means my parents where rich since my father was a well known Mafia member and my mother was a Burlesque performer and her father owned several banks across New York where we lived. When I turned 4 my father was killed by his own men after they turned on him for not paying them what they deserved which lead my mother to run several over with her car until the police shot her to her death leaving me in our house asleep until my grandfather took me in to his care and raised me until I turned 8 which was when he admitted that he was also a member of The Mafia which meant that he wanted me to also become a member along with learning to use a gun and other weapons which he did until he died right on my 14th birthday. Years later I killed my father's entire Mafia crew on my own and mounted each head on pillars in an alley where the police found them but, never investigated it since I left no clues, My birth name was Edward until I changed it to my grandfather's name since he made me the person I never would have been if it weren't for him which is Vincent. I am a skilled gunman, I can decapitate a head with my dagger under 5 minutes, I am known to use various weapons like sleeping gas disks, and small bombs which can collapse any tall buildings once activated.

Mei and Me


Her never deletes

-Never Delete
Vincent when I first felt your presence I knew you were like me and was made for me I'll love you until time stops ticking for the both of us and even after that I will continue to love you and if anyone try's to hurt you I will kill them I love you Vincent forever <3

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