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OriginalXadvid - It's always great to feel loved
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About Me

I tend to enjoy writing and my favorite anime. I'm a big fan of Sword Art Online, Naruto, Bleach, Gurren Lagann, and To Love Ru. I'm also a huge gamer, mostly PS4 and 3DS. My PSN is OriginalKeryusai if you would like to add me.

My Original Character:

Name: Xadvid Keryusai
Age: 227, 27 in human years
Sex: Male
Race: Arrancar/Human
Height: 6'1
Eye Color: Crimson (white in release, ice blue in Vasto Lordes state)
Hair Color: Light Silver
Element: Water/Ice
Soul Reaper Rank: 6th Member of Squad 0 (Soul King's Sword), former 3rd seat to Squad 8
Family: (father) Tetsuya (deceased), (mother) Manami, (brother) Toshio, (demon sister) Kalla, (son) Tsuneo
Status: Taken (Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck) (single irl)

Soul Blade: Hikari Mugen
Secondary Weapon: Sol Ryokejackel

Hikari is an archangel born of Xadvid's soul. She is light elemental and wields the power of aura which allows her to produce numerous blades. The blades themselves vary in many shapes with different abilities. (similar to Erza Scarlet's requip) She is sealed after her first use due to Xadvid being too weak to control her power but is later on released when Xadvid confronts the Soul Society during Rukia Kuchiki's rescue. Her common appearance is a young woman with long blue hair. She also wields 7 different swords based on the 7 main sins. (Planning to make a profile for her.)

Ryokejackel is a fire type blade that rivals Head Captain Yamamoto's. Each swing creates a stream of red flames and each tech of course is fire based. In it's released state, the flames turn white (hottest a flame can be) and each attack can prove very fatal. It's actual form is a red dragon. He can don a white bandana designed by Manami Keryusai that will allow him to take the shape of a human.

Xadvid has the ability to wield Shikigami magic through his mother's blood. The magic itself can take on many forms but Xadvid prefers to use healing magic, water and ice magic, and magical seals that can bind his opponents or boost one of his own attacks.
From his father's blood, Xadvid can activate a form similar to that of a Vasto Lordes; which increases his abilities drastically but the form can only be used for a set amount of time. This is because he is only 50% arrancar and the form puts strain on his body. He can also also fire off a Gran Ray Cero in this state. It is also activated as a fail safe near times of death and during times of great anger built up. His fighting style also involves using a lot of ice based attacks.

However, from developing his bond with Hikari and previous training from Death Academy and the Zero District, Xadvid is able to use Soul Resonance through a way no one else can. He combines shikigami magic and Hikari's aura power to create a cloak like body armor comprised of hands, angel wings, and the use of unlimited blades of light. (hence the name Hikari Mugen; unlimited light) The cloak can also become full bodied armor similar to a biju cloak.
Xadvid can also combine Ryokejackel through Resonance Link transforming the aura into dragon like wings that can also produce blades, a tail that can stretch and be used for attacks, and a dragon head can be formed on Xadvid's right hand for more powerful cero blasts that combine his, Ryo's and Hikari's magic. These blasts become limited if used in succession.

Welcome to the page. :)

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