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10 things about the girl behind the screen:

1. I love to watch AMV's
2. Music is my to peppermint tea <-- that stuff is amazing!
3. My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold!! I love all types of music but Rock is my all time favorite
4. I love anything sweet! Especially strawberry cake :3
5. I have a couple tattoos and wanna get more! Ima tattoo junkie ^^'
6. I work at a medical office so I dedicate a lot of time there ~
7. I love to make new friends - I promise I don't bite...too hard ._. XD kidding I don't bite at all..
8. I love to go hiking or adventuring into the woods {when I have time o-o}
9. My favorite color is jade green <3
10. I usually wear mismatched socks cause why not?

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