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About Me

- - - -
Things we lost, to the flames.
Things we'll never, see again.
- - - -

Samantha Heather Blaze
- Call me Sam.
- Or Sapphire Raven.

29 Years of life.
- Born on June 23rd, 1987.

Working for S.H.I.E.L.D.
- I've been here since I was six.

I'm married.
- To Tony Stark.
- What started out as a job, turned into love.

I'm Adopted.
- I'm the adopted daughter of Johnny Blaze. Yeah. Ghost Rider.
- My biological family is nothing but trash.

I have a very specific set of skills.
- Archery.
- Mixed Martial Arts.
- Stealth.

I'm different.
- I'm quiet. Reserved.
- I can be kinda childish.
- There's a lot more to learn.

They hurt me sometimes. But these people mean the world to me.
- Nick Fury
- Clint Barton
- Johnny Blaze
- Tony Stark
- King T'challa
- Eddie Brock Jr.

- - - -
Ticket stubs, and your diary.
I read them all one day.
When loneliness came, and you were away.
Oh they told me nothing new,
but I love to read the words you used.
- - - -

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