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"If you don't like pain, stand still. I'll finish you off nice and quickly!"


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Ay, just dropping by to tell you, nice ***. ;D xDD jk
O man, I haven't done one of these in awhile but lets see how it goes. c'x
I remember meeting you from one of my accounts. It was back then when you were roleplaying as Lightining.~
I'm not sure how the convo started but as soon as you replied back, we hit off like we already knew each other. xD You're really fun to talk to. I mean, I can talk to you about anything and you won't mind. That's one of the many things I like about you. :3 You're sweet, funny and totally adorable. c': Don't change for anyone or this pimp will nawt be nice to you anymore. e-e xD Nao go get me some cake. =w=
Love yu bish. c; ?


My twynnie
You are the sweetes twynnie in the world, I love you so damn much , meeting you is been one of the greatest thing that happened to me in this shiety place, ppl come and go but true friends always stay and you and I we been walking together all this long and I can't thank you enough for sticking with this rotten apple, few can keep up with me haha I know I'm a pistol fully loaded xD but hey you can be one too, I just ****ing love ur crazyness , always stamp a smile on my face and hahaha OMG your daily adventures the manga on my hands,our dances and random talks xDD my Elsa , my melons, matching budy and ****ing pride love you tones >.<
My lightning, my Elsa, my selena, my melons, twynnie and ****ing pride, three words ****ING LOVE YOU
we met almost over 2rs ago and we still as close as always, our dances guiiiiirl you have the moves, our sleep over will be no sleeping at all , sneak out and party xD this would be us OH YEA!!!
My twynnie ❤my Elsa, my melons, matching buddy I ****ing adore you
You know from all the ppl I've have met this long you are one, if not the only one who still by my side no matter what, who does not show me one face and when I turn around shows another ,straight forward, funny af but most of all one that I can always count on, true you come and go still you are the same fun cool girl I met , we found so much in common back then, our matches girl! you never fail me on that , you right on it , you are an amazing person so bless to have you in my life and ****ing proud Our touchdown celebration xD
~❤~ ... ea77dd.gif
Your daily adventures , twynnie you have share so much <3 thank you for put up with me this long , thanks for make me smile with your daily adventures and presence in my page love you so ****ing much my melons ❤

Never Delete For Lovely Alex
Ayo my Adorable Neko. It’s your one and only Sweet Baka, LEO! Here to say that you are indeed one of the most beautiful girls this baka has ever met. Just absoulutely stunning and meant to be spoiled by my bakaness! Muhahha. We’ve only for a while and I haven’t talk to you much but you made me promise to do this so I did it for you, cuz im a good boy xD I’ll always be here for you, and I’ll always try my best to make your day. So stay happy and bright for me, and remember that i’m always here to snuggle on, which technically means I’m here to comfort you. Does that sound wrong? Whatever xD I’m here to SPOIL YOU <3
Baka Leo Loves You. <3


You're DA bestest
even when you make me fall <3 ... qlak20.gif

As a return for yours ~

I just want to make you gasp and moan
Run out of breath but screaming for more
Treat you like a queen on her throne
Spread your legs and make your spirits soar
It's all so filthy romantic
To you just dirty bedroom talk
Simply playing with semantics
But I'm more than talk I walk the walk
It's not about you and me
Because Lord knows I'm a lost soul
It's about us being we
Because that's what makes me whole
The claw marks up my back
Just the graffiti of passion
Still dressed in black
That's just my fashion
I'm not me unless I'm bleeding
So scratch and bite and tear me open
I'm begging almost pleading
My blood is poetry in motion
Only for those who are brave ~

This Poetic Seduction
Will be fulfilling its function
Building up to an eruption
Pure Sexual destruction
Lets play..All night and day
Wont be sleeping anyway
Exploring shades of grey
Rock and roll you in the hay
Dom to your Submission
Set up every position
Tie you up bring pleasure is my mission
Hair yank feel the spank
Pledge to respect and thank
Cheeks turn red
Ultimate pleasure in your head
Ease in just a tease
Pound you as I please
Have you on hands and knees
Show you the world of D/s
Lubricate your gate
Feel my tongue vibrate
Like a spell you levitate
Savor this moment we create
Room steaming..Bodies start creaming
Reality shifts wonder if you are dreaming
Theater of thought supplies the word production
Scenario set for this Poetic Seduction


Aww I love you too so much I am glad to have a great friend! I am glad to have met you and that your one who is truly meaningful in my life. I will always love you as a true friend that you are <3 I love you me lady rin never change just improve as always <3
I love you so much you're a great person, great friend, everything! :D I'm happy to know you and i will always be here for you. I always wish you the best and give you my full support. Friends forever <3

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