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Yandere Crazy
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⊰ ✿ YANDERE ✿ ⊱

空木 言子

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Being adorbs isn't always a good thing.
Cute girls go through
terrible things...


NAME ➟ Kotoko Utsugi GENDER ➟ Female AGE ➟ UnKnown

HEIGHT ➟ 134 cm WEIGHT ➟ 29 kg STATUS ➟ A Live


has very long pink hair tied into pigtails
and matching pink eyes with speech bubbles acting
as the irises. She wears a pink hairband with horns,
which is branded with the emblem of the
"Fighter" class. She wears a frilled white shirt
with a matching black jacket and skirt
which both have pink accents.
The jacket has the silver Warriors of Hope badge.
She also wears mismatched pink thigh-high socks,
and boots.

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