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Kittenlover - Belong to the biggest nerd ~ ♥
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About Me

The Forgotten Nobody

"I may not be smart enough to do everything. But I'm dumb enough to try anything. "


Name : Fluffy/ Kitty| Age : Ageless | Occupation: Bounty Hunter | Weapon : hand to hand combat | Race : ? | The lost nobody | Bisexual ~ | Male| Mr.Psychotic ~| Status: Crushed.. </3

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Real Me info


Name: Stefan| Alias : Senpai, Steff-pie. Stefbear. Niisan ( to my brother only) | Age: 21| Gender: Male | D.O.B: Feb 12 | Gamer Addict | College Life | Plushie Collector / Nendroiod Collector | Orientation: Pansexual| | Status: Married to the biggest nerd on this earth.~ ♥
✔:, Mariah ~ , video games, some anime (depending on it) Editing, Horror Genre, Food, Anything sweet, Music, nature, theme parks, Steam punk fashion tales of franchise, Overwatch, Batman fanatic, Kingdom hearts, Persona, Shingeki no Kyojin. Vocaloids (Kaito), Tokyo ghoul, parasyte,

|✘: Being left alone, attention seekers, 80% of the memebers on this site, losing in video games, Try hards, insects, the dark, fake friends,

×Caring× ×Kind× ×Helpful× ×Emotional× Jealous easily× ×Can be a a$$× ×Sarcastic× ×Stubborn× ×Jokester× ×Different× ×Lone wolf×


For my beloved Wife Mariah ~ ♥ 3-16-16
I keep telling you over and over again on how much I love you but I can't tell you enough <3
Your my love, My life, My whole world, The one I've been searching my whole life~ I can't imagine my life without you in it. Without you, I will just have a gapping hole in my heart area that no one else can fill. I was so scared to love again until you helped me through the dark times and showed me that I could love again. Even after all the s*** I have done to you. You still love me. I'm so grateful for you. No matter what, I want to be with you forever. Even if people don't approve.. I dont care. Age means nothing to me. So what if your 5 years younger than me. I don't give a fawk. All I want is you in my life n for your happiness. I will love you forever Mari. No matter. ~ Your the true Soul mate a love of my life. Your the reason I can breathe and my hearts beats.
I'm forever yours my sweet Baby~ <3



~ I'll forever love you my Soulmate, Mariah ~

Original profile made by me. Do not steal my stuff kay?
Thanks for visiting my page.ⓥⓞⓣⓔ?~

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