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Kikyo - Kuss mich wach
Status: Offline
Profile views:19,380
Ethnicity:Italian German & American
Location:Dont ask Wont tell
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Profile URL:http://www.anispace.net/user/kikyo
Join date:March 10, 2009
Last seen:22 months ago

About Me

Profile song explains how I'm feeling now

I'm a dork who:
Hates her name,
Likes to read,
Is into the music catagorized as emo,
Doesnt beilive in labels,
Enjoys writing,
Thinks she sucks at everything she tries to do,
Has a low self estem,
Low self confidence,
Gets very pissy when she has a head ach,
Will do anything for her friends,
Is easily hated,
Hates people easily,
Is hard to get close to,
Is very short,
Is a fan of a select few anime,
Doesnt care what you think or say 'bout her,
Can be very 'emo' at times,
Doesnt like emotions and feeilings and hides them all the time,
Has been single her entire life,
Over-reacts to everything,
Is crazy,
Is hard to understand,
People just don't get,
Is way to mature,
Has a weird attraction to foreign Languages,
Has a Robin obsession,
Totally is still into Marvel Comics AND DC Comics


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