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かごめ 日暮 Kagome Higurashi | 19 | Miko - Priestess | 犬夜叉へ Married to InuYasha | 弓道 Kyuudou
My name is Kagome Higurashi. I lived my life as your
average 9th grader. That is until I discovered that I could travel 500 years back in
time through the ancient well at our shrine. The feudal era has all kinds of demons
and it was during this period, that InuYasha was bound to the sacred tree...

Oh! InuYasha's father was a demon, and his mother was a human. Making him
a half demon. He's a bit rough around the edges and he's got a huge ego and
a wicked temper! And did I mention how jealous he gets? Totally hopeless.
Well I guess he does have a few retaining qualities...

Before we met, InuYasha was looking for the Shikon Jewel, the sacred jewel of four souls.
Then, fifty years ago priestess Kikyou put a spell on him and pinned him to this tree.
They've been very close, until something tore them apart.
But that's a whole other story. The sacred jewel of four souls can increase the power
of demons's all my fault it shattered into hundreds of shards.

Anyway, thats why InuYasha and I collected the jewel shards.

The Shikon no Tama doesn't exist in this world any longer. I now will live my life,
with my friends, and InuYasha. We learn many new things every day as our
friendship strengthens. I'd decided to live with InuYasha, and to come to his world.
It's been years since then. We've had nothing but peaceful days, as if our time battling
over the Shikon no Tama had all been a lie.

InuYasha is my husband now, and I'm not worried.
I will spend every day with him.
As we head tօաaʀɖs tօʍօʀʀօա

I will always be by your side.

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