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Jessbell - SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISSS EVERYONEEEEE! i see your comment my little besty friend babys <3 just dont have de time to reply ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I will see you OTAYS!??!?!?!?! MWAH MWAH MWAH <3
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About Me


Hi there >:3.
Im jessica and i guess i should tell u a little about myself >_<...well im very talkative and hyper. I have a.d.d so i get distracted easily!! and ahmmm lets see, i sing. I take singing lessons. Im in kick boxing. I love to paint and draw, heh.. (even though i sucks at it). pshh and i really love animals. My favorite colors are blue green and red :3. I LOVE music, i spend a lot of time listening to music.I really wanna learn how to play the piano and guitar as well. I also love photography! okies hopes thats enough! Image ;D byeee~

Bands that i like~
Linkin park
Asking Alexandria
Breaking Benjamin
Bullet for my valentine
Never shout never
Bring me the horizon

Anime i like~
Death note
Naruto Shippuden
Soul eater
H20 foot prints in the sand
Fruits basket
Fairy tail

Thank you for viewing meh page!
Come again~

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