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The Invisible Cunt

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The day I came back to anivide/anispace, I met you, you were the first to be so sweet to me and be so welcoming with open arms, I had to take a double look every time you left a comment because I kept thinking "Is this girl for real?" Nah she has to be fawking with me because she is to nice and sweet. But you have been nothing but real. I am sorry I left you once, I have been known to disappear (just ask baka) But I promise you I wont disappear on you again. Finding you once was just my luck but finding you again was fate. You make me feel like I matter as well as smile and laugh. We are crazy and yes we have had our gay moments that I am so not ashamed of because they are funny xD
I totally fancy us because we are Bae-chan and Bae <3
You shall forever be my only Bae
I will take the honor of dying beside you if you will have me by your side.

You're the Donkey to my Puss. ♡

"Her kawaiish voice"

First I want to say, I didn't forget your birthday. I didn't want to say anything until I finished making you something but things in life kept me busy.

I love you!
I love you!
I love you!
You're my bae.
I appreciate you and love you for who you is. I miss you a lot and miss talking with you. I am sorry that I missed saying Happy Birthday and I missed our one year anniversary of our bae friendship.
Just know that
And I wouldn't trade you for anyone in the world. I am always totally gay for you.
Crista x Cristiane is OPT xD <3
I love you, And Happy Belated Birthday.

I think I need to say that I love you bae.
I met you almost 2 years ago, and you are the only one who hasn't left me behind.
When I look back to the people that I've met and the people that say they are my friends, no one campares to you.
Heck you even have a spoiler filled with just stuff from me, and....I have nothing left from the spoiler I had of you, since someone deleted my account and I saved everything in my inbox. Makes me sad. You will always be my bae, and I cherish you always even when we don't talk much. Stay your cute pervy self.
I love you always.
-humps you with love-

Duh, your my Damon.

Your my bae.
Your my bff and da girl I'm gay for.

No one will ever replace you. You are my bae, and your really the only girl who loves me and talks to me.

Cause you're one of a kind.

e.e you better be only gay for me

I love you more than anyone else loves you.
Everyone can fuuck off.

I know that I was suppose to write you a fancy text for your birthday buh I was lazy so heres one right now. You've been with me for a few years and like you its easy for me to just leave people behind, but everytime that I've ever tried to leave I ended up taking you with me, you were one of the only ones I had on my facebook when I had it at the time. I couldn't just leave you behind. I love your little sassy demon jealous butt. You mean so much to me and I know if it was possible to be near eachother irl we would be inseparable. We are pretty much the same but also a little bit different. Our friendship started off just by having the same name xD Cris x Cris. We've been through alot together and no matter how upset I've gotten at you. I never stop caring about you or loving you. I cherish you bae. I'll always come back for you or take you with me where ever I go. Never forget that.



Hello Cris, Noel here with another message for you. I just wanted to let you know how special you are, truly. Everything about you lights up the world. With darkness filled arround me, you gave me light. Keep smiling and keep laughing because you deserve it. Know that whatever happens, i'll try my hardest to make you the happiest. I honestly dont deserve such a beautiful angel. I love you. You're the reason my world got much more beautiful. Never forget that when you're down, your beautiful wings will pick you up. A light like yours will never extinguish. Love you loads.



Not in the most creative mood to get you a picture gift thing, buuuuuut here's a super, cute lesbian gif for your cute áss self. I know I'm hella late to be writing this, but it's better late than never, ya know? So, I just want to start with you've been nothing but supportive since we first met. I can't even remember who said hi to who first? Was it me? I think I did. And I thought you were really cool. I just know that I knew you from Dom Dom. It's pretty incredible that we became close - I didn't think I'd be closer to you than him. It's not something I regret though, because you're a cutie patootie with a lot of warmth in you. It's just sad to see you glum nowadays, I suppose. I don't want to give you generic bs because everyone does that on there own anyways. I will stand by you for as long as you need me to, and I'll always forgive you for whatever mishap you get yourself into with me as I hope you'll do the same for me. Which has been true thus far. We've done some pretty shady shiit to each other, but all in all, I still care for you. I still love you. I still appreciate having you around in my life. And I thank you for the same kindness and care that you've given me - even when I had done wrong. I don't really deserve how you treated me haha, you were just so nurturing. You should've seriously slapped me in the face and said "FUUUUUUCK YOU, DUMB BITCH, HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME." But you didn't. Because you're better than that. You're better than me, stronger than me, prettier than me and just overall.. BETTER. I can't express to you how gorgeous I think you are. You're stunning since the time I first saw you. Yes, very homo. Full homo. You're sexy. Jokes aside, I appreciate and value your friendship; I hope we stay friends for a good while. I can't promise you the best - but I can promise you my best. - Love always, Alyx.


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