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Low Key..We Fire


CaramelKisses - Slay, Queen, Slayyyyy
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About Me

  • Im pretty down to earth
    I love the color red
    I've been on this site before, so not really new.
    you're more'n welcome to chat with me.
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  • Honestly I'm just a loveable person, I love people and I cant help but smile all the time. I'm a bit on the shy side, but very outgoing nevertheless. Please don't bring drama to my page, I hate it. I trust you until you give me a reason not to trust you. I have never put a real picture of me as my avatar, everyone has a first lol, be kind lol. PM if you'd like I don't mind. I major in Psychology, I study human activity on a daily basis, and I plan to be a psychiatric counselor for the military. I do have classes so if i don't respond on time its probably what I'm doing haha so I apologize ahead of time. I make art a hobby, and with all my free time (which is little) i create art. any more questions just ask me!
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