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I love you{8/11/13}/(2-4)my best friends/My boo<3/Only I can trust them (N.O)


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『~○○~ 炎Anna☣ Yuri's girl炎 ~○○~』
"I wanted to be the one thing truthful to you."
female || Sixteen || Blue Eyes ||Taken||RPhut

BAKA! Lol I am kidding. My big dork I love you. A month has passed by and like you said I want it a year<3. I love you so much Yuri!<3. Lol so many hearts and I am so bad at these things ^///^;. Any way you made your way into my heart and made me happy. You have always had a place in my heart and always will. I been through emotional roller-coaster ride and you always been there for me. Congratz XDD you lucky winner has won me. I am lucky to have you though<3. I love thinking and talking to you. You have always been with me and always been there for me. Every boyfriend I have been rushed into but you take time with me and love me for me. Yuri, my love for you is undying and it is pure. You are my heart, soul, and my world. My heart because you keep it beating and make it go fast just you being so near me. My soul because you are the other part to my soul <3. My world because you saved me from the darkness and brought me my sun, grounded me here to earth, and content me with love. You remember when we first meet? I was so happy to have met you. Who would have thought we would be together? I had a dream about it once I admit. -blushes- But as time flew by we grew closer and became best friends. Then I grew feelings for you and you for me and I asked you out. It was so adorable when you said your answermy answer to your picture you showed me...So I guess you asked me out lol. <33 Since August 12,2013 You made me the happiest woman alive. I am lucky to be your girlfriend. I am lucky to have the sweetest man I know...I am lucky to have someone to hold my heart. So Yuri, will you be by my side forever and be together with me for as long as you want? I will always be there for you. I will hold out my hand out to you and lead you the right way. I will always be yours Yuri. I love you. And you will always be the one meant for me. Wow this is long and I'm not done yet. These words will never compare how much you mean to me or describe. But they can glimpse into how much you do. So Yuri. Never change, never leave, and especially never loose hope. They say never say never. But what's the point in that when there is a never I everything. Like I will never leave your side unless you tell me to. If someone told me to die for you in order to live. Honestly I would. People say that is foolish, it is not. Just like Sakura loves Sasuke. I would rather die than you. I do not know if I could even stand you not being in my life at all. You're such a big part of it that if you or any of the others were gone I would literally die inside. You are my big piece in my heart and you show me how to love and smile again after this long time. I'm sorry for this rambling in this lol xD. But I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me even if this doesn't show FULLY how much you do mean to me. Yuri. Please always be with me. It is selfish to ask this of you but I can not help it. I love you and want to spend my life with you. I hope you feel the same -smiles- even if you are my crazy baka/dork xD. Lol any way yuri I love you okay. Got it good.
~Anna-The luckiest girl to have you

He gave me this!!!

You! BAKA! You are one of my best friends besides Tom. I adore you with all my heart and soul. You been by my side. Aaron smile for m okay. Yes you left a few times and it hurt but you always came back. If you ever left again I am ere for you with open arms waiting for your return. Even if I was old and lying o my death bed I would wait for my best friend. You mean that much to me Aaron. Yuri, You, Tom are the three men that matter most in my life. You guys all helped me in y depressed state and still deal with me. I am happy to have you here with me, Aaron. The world is dark without you wonderful jokes or your bright smile. Never give up

Tom(hug buddy!)&Me
I just met you and this crazy so come here and give me a hug!! Lol I am glad to see you as my buddy :3. You will be my hug buddy for life >:3!! Lol I am happy to have met you Tom. You mean the world to me Tom. I adore you and love you. -hugs you- never give up on our friendship and never leave my side. You are my other best friend. You and Aaron. You guys mean the world to me and without either of you is like a dagger in my heart. So please never leave okay Tom. I love ya hug buddy!

You are my best chikidy! You make me so happy! I am so glad you are one of my best friends in the world. You always make me happy and we both been through the same thing recently but don't give up ok. You are my sister for life. My lil sister Diva and my Kallen. I am happy to have you in my life. You are the few girls I love having close. I always been close to guys then girls but you and Christy made your way in my heart. You two are the best sisters I could ever have. But when your down it kills me inside and makes me cry. I adore and love you with all my heart Tay. Never give up because I will help you pick up the pieces and have my arms open for you.
~Shirley/Saya nee-san

You are one of my friends. We argue and fight over one thing we both treasured in our lives that has passed away. Paige will always be with us but not physically. I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused you. But thank you for atleast being there for me.

I known you from day one and yet we didn't talk much. I am sorry if I made you feel like I ignored you or didn't like talking to you. Once I talked to you more recently I am glad your my nii-san c:. You been a great brother and I have a feeling always will be. So far you been amazing! You always help me with my backgrounds and I am grateful. I think we became close although we both are pretty busy. But thank you again for everything you have ever helped me with. What I like most about you is your craziness xD. Lol you just get so crazy it's funny. Lol anyway. So please never change okay.

Dennis you been my brother for over a year now. You always been there for me along with Edith. I am so glad you're in my life to help me with my problems and I with yours. Sometimes they are weird but meh xDD.I am happy you are my nii-san. I adore you and always aim to make you smile hun. Always be happy because that is one thing that makes my world brighter.
Wolf rpg
Name: Kiara the pure soul
Age: 2 years old
Pack: Wolfsbane
Postion: ghost
Bio: She was a runt of the litter. So her mother and father left her to be dead. But fortunately another pack of wolves saw her. The female alpha of that back couldn't bear children. so she took the runt in and named her Kiara. Kiara grew up small and petite. Causing the other pups t bully her and push her around. But as she grew older she became clever, cunning, and persuasive. Even still small she could keep off attackers of the pack who eventually left her alone. Soon the pack was attacked by her birth mother and father. With her being so small her adoptive mother ordered her to stay with the pups. As the battle drew out her birth mother pack began to won. Kiara making another pack member watch the pups ran to Sierra(adoptive mother) rescue. Her birth mother lunged and caught Kiara's throat but her birth mother continued to bite hard until blood grew on Kiara's fur coat around her jugular. Causing her to go limp. her birth mother stopped and dropped her. Then she smelt her and whined fro the familiar sent of her daughter. Taking an advantage though Sierra killed off Kiara's mother. Seeing their alpha female killed the pack ran away. After what was left of the pack gathered around Kiara's body. Kiara lied there whimpering in pain, a puddle of blood pooling around her make her beautiful while coat turn red. Sierra walked to her and whined in agony watching her only child she had raised dying before her eyes. Kiara eyes closed slowly letting out her final breath. The wolves of the pack al raised their heads and howled in pain of a lost member. Her mother kept her head down not howling but shed a single tear that landed on Kiara's throat causing it to heal. Few moments later Kiara's eyes opened and she stood up weakly. Sierra yelped in surprise but was happy to have her daughter alive. But months past after the incident had happened. Kiaras coat around her throat had a red shape tear with teeth shaped circling around it. Everyone took notice of this and always bowed in respect for her. As the following years took toll the pack began to starve from lack of game. Everyone began to die. 3 months after the famine it was just Sierra and Kiara.Sierra soon died later leaving Kiara heart broken and alone. But after 3 days of lying on her mothers side she left to find food. She found a few squirrels and beavers but was still hungry. She then stumbled upon a beautiful plain about 2 miles from where her pack was. Happy she also found a cave and a river with plenty of game. But she was sadden because she was alone.
Parents: Mia and Storm (RL), Sierra and Max (Adoptied)
Parents status: all deceased
Mate: none
Pups: none
Gender: Female
Looks: pic above
Where she lives: Ina valley
status: Alive and alone
My love, My soul, My heart♥

Closest friends (:
People I love♥

Never deletes
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaNNNNNnnnnnddd... *Throws confetti everywhere*
Happy 1 month anniversary to you too, my BanAnna!

Your present for dealing with my azz for a month and not complaining is that never delete I promised ;) *Blows horns* Uh yeah whatever, here's what I have to say about cha. :3


First of all, I love you and hope you're recovery is going smoothly. I really like spending time with you everyday, but sadly there's those busy days when I can't come online which makes me miss you dearly. I can't help but think about you during the day; when I do, I realize how lucky I am to have you. You are the syrup to my waffles, the eggo to my leggo, the Yu to my Ri and everything else. I look forward to spending more time with you this weekend. Thank for supporting me in my time of need. You never fail to make people smile so don't change and keep improving. I will protect you for as long as you live.♥
~From that hoe they call Yuri ;D!~


4 days ago

Never Delete

...Wow, I can't believe it's been that long either. Feels like you and I just hooked up yesterday xD But you're right. Spending time with someone you love can really make you lose track of time. You make me really happy and Im happy when you're happy. It's fun to make you laugh and smile, because that's what bakas are for LOL Im glad you are able to handle my bakaness even though sometimes I know it can get out of hand >_> You love me for who I am and I love you for who you are. That's what makes our love true. Alright, I also have to thank you for being patient with me during the week. I know I hardly, ever, barely, rarely,(xD) ever get on during the week yet you manage to pull through. Like this week, you spammed my page even though I wasn't online for most of the week. Sorry about that :/ Speaking of spam, I love reading your spam comments <3 They were cute Lol I could write a whole lot more, but im tired as fudge! We both owe each other for our Anniversary so lets get together sometime tomorrow. Alright, stay pretty my sweet Bananna Hahahaha xP

Love Chris <333333333

P.S. Yeah, they did make me smile. You were successful xD I hope my never delete does the same 4 U :)


Never Delete

...There's that time in everyone's life when they meet that special someone that they can not live without. And I am happy to say that you are that special someone to me. I can't live without you; you make my days much more exciting than they are already are. Anna, im so glad I met you. Everything you do makes you so much more beautiful. No matter what obstacles you went through before, you always proved to be stronger than them in every way. You are very important to me and I can ramble all day about how special you are to this world but I would need 10x as much space this comment box provides to do that. Anyways, this guy loves you very much <333 I'll protect you forever.

~Yuri, your lover~


These are just a few kinds words to remind you of just how amazing you are, Anna.

When we first met all those months ago, you seemed like such a kind and caring person, Anna. I couldn't of been more right. You are really a kind person, Anna and i'm glad that we're close friends. We've been talking for a while now and i honestly enjoy every moment we share together. You have been a tough time and i'll always be there with you, by your side, helping your through it. Your a beautiful person, Anna. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, because it wouldn't be true. I wish you all the best for the future and hope you will always be happy, Anna.

Love from your Hug Buddy, Tom. ♥

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7 days ago

Never delete~

Anna, honestly. I love you so much, my hug buddy. <3 You are my best friend and i adore you so much. People keep trying to bring you down but don't let them. They are selfish, heartless and mean. They do not care about you or your feelings because they are not your true friends. Please keep smiling, my dearest friend. Because i'll never leave your side. I'll be there, forever and always.

Your hug buddy, Tom. ♥

Hey. Hey, you. Anna. AnnaAnnaAnnaAnna-

Taylor loves you. ;~; ...Bitch- I-I mean...Bestie. x'DD
sis you are an epic person, and i love you like a real sis. you bring a smile to my face whenever we hang out and talk cuz you and i are true friends til the end. I love knowing that through it all , you are still the strong independent girl that i met all those months ago. I love ya sis. your always in my prayers and i pray for you to be able to grow more and more each day. *hugs u tightly and i hand u a bracelet that says sistas for life* i love you sis.

- Never delete this. Or...Something. x'D -

My dahling Shirley/Saya-nee-sama,
I haven't known you long at all.
We kinda just really started talking today really.
But God knows, you are incredibly sweet, and such a wonderful girl. I've come to admire you for your strong heart, and your ability to smile through pain. Your heart may break, but I've seen the potential you have to make it through whatever hurts.
Stand up, be strong, and if you feel like your losing yourself, you know you've got your best friend to turn to. Consider that a promise.

I'm looking out for you dear.
Taylor loves you. <3

I'll send a never delete right back at ya. ;-;

We've known each other since I got my second account on here, which was way way back in March. And all I can say about you is that you are an amazing person and I am so glad that I have gotten to know you. You always know how to bring a smile to my face and I can't ever thank you enough for it. Just know, I'm always here for you when you need someone, anyone. I love you so much, my bestie-boo. <3



You're absolutely amazing. and I am proud to have you as a sister. I'm always here for you and always will. <3

- From your bro Snivy. :)


Approve Or Else :)
Remember To Always Smile L).I'm Always Be Here For You No Matter What :).You Mean Everything To Me so no matter what my heart is Always with You :)
I ♥ You<Kat>


*Kisses your cheek, as you kiss mine, softly cuddling you*

I think that title belongs to you miss Angel♥ ..that is Annie♥♥

You are a good friend to me and that's so very true, most people abandon me, i can barely hold onto them, yet alone cling to them. But you have shown me, that-there might just be hope. So i intend to give back the "kindness" that you have shown me over these last few weeks.


4 hours ago

you have got to be the sweetest, epic sis and wonderful friend to me ever. I am such a lucky girl to have such a sis as you. I hate to see you frown and I hate when your down, but just know sis has your back through thick and thin. in good times and bad times. when you are in trouble i shall always be a listening ear.

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4 days ago

Never Delete~

Anna, i am happy to be considered your friend and hug buddy. I thank you for being around.
At first, we found it quite easy to talk to one another. As time pasted, you slowly began to open up.
And now, we are good friends and hug buddies <3. I enjoy the time we get to spend together and i value every moment.
You are very sweet and very kind to me, and for that, thank you. I hope you continue to be happy.
You are a kind and wonderful person, Anna. Thank you again for being around and being so kind to me.

From your friend and hug buddy, Tom.

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11 days ago

~NeVeR DeletE, oR yOu ShaLL Get The moSt incoMprehenSible Punishment Ever! *puppy eyes* OkaY?
Anny, Anna okay where do i all begin in these words i am about to reveal to you. Okay first off! did you know that friends come and go easily? well not you- We met during a tough time in between our life's!, when i met you, i knew that right there and then, i was about to gain a friend. You wanna know why? because i see a happiness that dwells inside of you-you make people around you, feel like they are truly belonging.. yup! that's what i have found out about you!. And you know what? when times are tough and there is no hope left, i hope that you realize that there are people you can come to for comfort. Because,
I am one of those people or perhaps close to being one of those people that is willing to show you that there is a hug-gable place to go to. A place where you can feel like your not going to be attacked upon for your "sadness". Just a "place" where you can smile in your own time and in your own way and that's the truth!. And i don't care what anyone else says to you.. because in all honest truth.. you are the most valuable friend, that anyone would love to have!. And i am willing to back you up if you ever need it okay?

~Just keep on.. being who you are Anny buu, and just keep yourself with those, who deserve your goodness.
Because I love you and i will never give up on you,
My BeSt FrienD! =D.

Mr Goof-Ball- Sized Aaron.

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15 days ago

I'll always be your close friend now an ever I'll come to you like
true friend an I'll will love you as a real friend I'll give you these
gifts to you cuz I want this bond to last forever I love you anna my
dear close friend I'll always cherish this wonderful bond between us

Is there anything I can do for you Sakura-chan. Here's a flower......_.;_'.-._
From shunusagi


2 minutes ago

Not like i care anyway. You are Anna to me and we're best friends. Nothing will ever change that. *hugs you*

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4 minutes ago

..... (¯`v´¯)♥
... (
/ \ ♥♥ Give to 5 people who are close to you

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17 minutes ago

..... (¯`v´¯)♥
... (
/ \ ♥♥ Give to 5 people who are close to you

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18 minutes ago

..... (¯`v´¯)♥
... (
/ \ ♥♥ Give to 5 people who are close to you
Love you too, Anna. ♥

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18 minutes ago

▬▬●▬ ▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●▬▬♥
* BEAUTIFUL SOUL AWARD! Once you have been given this award, you are supposed to paste it on the wall of AT LEAST your favorite person who deserve it. you know you are truly special...<3 ♥▬▬●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ ஜ▬▬●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●▬▬♥

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9 hours ago

Happy anniversary to you and your one true other half sis, I dont think I have seen any other two just as sweet and adorable as you guys*giggles* well maybe just one other but I dont count lol.

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2 days ago

Aw man.I already typed up this perfect comment for you.Ignore the hater and hope you and your boyfriend stay together forever.;w; it sounded so cool. Dx and i accidentally clicked the refresh button before i clicked "add your comment"
Well I'll retype what I remember saying.My name is Beza and I know you don't know me but I know you.Wow xD i sound like a stalker.I know tom and your boyfriend.There legit people.You should feel hecka special.I don't know you and it's 5am while typing this up.I already left anivide but i came back for a moment to type this.xD You better freaking feel special.You can approve this comment or not.It be nice if you did.It's 5am right now and i have to go to school soon.I saw these hate accounts on you.I looked around and read some comments.It's 5 am and my brain is designed to sleep at this time so i don't fawking understand everything that is happening xD. I don't know exactly what's going on but it seems like there is some hater.Ignore the person.Your a good person and I'm sure this will blow over in a bit.Stay strong.I saw the account your friends made for you that supported you. I've never talked to you and I support you.Don't try to give up and never try to quit.You're in pain or have felt it so get a reward from it.Stay strong and ignore the lifeless hate.God I can't believe a hater would make accounts.I mean you got a dozen friends that love you and care about you.Hell I don't know you and I am typing this up at 5 in the dang morning before I go to school.Anyways I'm tired and I got school.Hope you and your boyfriend last forever,Anna. Seriously though,a hater would waste their time to make an account and just hate.God that person needs a life.

;w; i got a test to finish today. Dx and I didn't study.Ship.ewe

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2 days ago

RisingStarAnna << <3 Check it^^

I love you no matter what. I don't give a damn how many haters there are that continuously try to hurt you, I will stand by your side throughout it all. Remember, we're in this together. Not just you and me, but your friends as well.

(Listing In Order of your BF list)
Aaron, Taylor, Tom, D'shan, Kat, Kris, Akira, Dennis, Christy, Andy, Lucy, Liz, And the list goes on. We are all here to support you and we all love you <3

Never lose faith.

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3 days ago

hey hi annie sorry for bothering u i just wanted to drop by to give you this *hug you*

._´´¯ `-._
{` --.♥.-.'_,}......_.´¯`.-._ ........_.´¯`-._
.{...\__...-/.}....{`--.♥-.'_, }......{`--.♥-.'_,}
...`'--.._..-'......{;..\,__.. .-'} ....{..'-`.._ ;..-}
........--\\..,-"....`'--.._.. ´´.........'--.._...´´
............\\................ \\...................\\.......
.........(\..\\../)........(\. .\\../)..........(\..\\../)
................\\............ .. \\..................

a rose...... can lost her petals....... yet her inner beauty remains the same........ this mean that even if a beautiful girl has been tainted by something or even if she is in tears...she will be so beautiful... because...the true beauty is hide.within the soul of a  person


2 days ago

never delete~
how sweeter of a sis could i have asked for?
your right dealing with all three of you epic people makes me feel so good inside. I love you all and wouldnt change anything except maybe some of the guys i thought were worth my time. I love you so and we shall forever be sisters. as long as i live i hope you know that you are loved and needed anna. sis your so strong and awesome. im so sure your mom is looking down saying thats my daughter and she is so proud i just know it. you make alot of us so proud just by knowing you. you have haters because you are doing an amazing thing with your life. you my dear are stronger than many people in rl. i love ya sis dont forget to smile and be happy no one can change that unless you let them. BE THE EPICLY AWESOME SWEET ADORABLE SIS THAT I KNOW AND LOVE<3333 LOVE YA GIRLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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