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BigxBoss112 - I realized that the one for me was always here with me, right underneath my nose.
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About Me

"I ask for so little, and yet I'm constantly denied. No matter the favors I fulfill, no matter the deeds I do, I get nothing. Today, I stop asking, and start taking. I gave so much for nothing, and's time to pay the piper. It's time for the ultimate change. You will all bow to me.
You will all know the power of Leinad..."

-Leinad Uzumaki

Biographical Information

Name: Leinad Uzumaki/Bison
Other Names: Lein Namikaze, The Lightning Phantom, Yellow Flash Jr., Thunderhawk, The Warbird, Nii-San, C, The Iron Man (Not to be confused with the Marvel Comics character,) Big Boss, El Comandante, M. Bison, L. Bison, Lord Bison, Master Bison, Mighty Bison, Lein Bison, Vega, Psycho Driver, Lein Kahn, Vic Boss, Saladin, John, Naked Snake, Jack, Tiberius Peacecraft, Cloud Strife, Lein Strife, Gary Oak, Lein Oak, Green.
Age: 18
Personality: Friendly, but hellfire to my enemies. Holds grudges easily, and never forgets any pain. Try not to piss me off, you won't like it.
Relationship Status: Taken by Liz...again. X3
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. Yes, I go both ways.
Jobs: Shinobi, Samurai, Blacksmith, Soldier
Family: Minato Namikaze - Father, Kushina Uzumaki - Mother, Naruto Uzumaki - Brother, Madara Uchiha - Father-in-Law, Nina Uchiha - Wife (RP only).
Masters: Tsunade Senju, Kakashi Hatake, Tobi/Obito Uchiha (Former Master/Creator), Madara Uchiha (Through Family Jutsu Scroll)
Students: Rénee Uchiha, Cammy White, Kahimi Hutetsuu
Enemies: I ridding myself of hate, since it only ends up hurting others. I have forgiven those that have harmed me, and I wish to be at peace with everyone.
Techniques: Rinnegan, Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, Chidori/Rasengan, Steel, Swift, Water, Laser, Blaze, Explosive, Lightning, and Magnet Release, Iron Fist, Psycho Power, Summoning Techniques, Dark Magic, guns, mobile suits, and more.
My Story:
Leinad is a cloned child, created by Obito Uchiha, under the name Tobi, through the DNA of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki he obtained during the Battle on Konoha with Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, and served as an incubator of what remains of the Ten-Tailed Beast and what was to be Tobi's future Rinnegan eyes. However, at the age of twelve, Leinad escaped and spent several years traveling across the Five Great Nations, learning many abilities.
At the Land of Iron, Leinad became known as the Master of the Iron Will, due to his stubbornness, swordsmanship, and Steel Release. With this, he gain control the entire nation, changed the position of Emperor to Supreme Commander, and reigned as the Supreme Commander for a few years. No samurai ever dares challenge Leinad in a match.
During the Forth Great Shinobi War, Leinad finally emerged out of hiding, with a quest to destroy Tobi and Sasuke. Even Leinad felt that Tobi's army was too powerful, so to counter Tobi's Six Paths of Pain, Leinad created his own version, using five lightning clones. Through this, he declared himself the Naraka and Outer Paths.
Leinad holds a large number of abilities at his disposal, thanks to Tobi, making him a formable enemy. Combining attributes from his brother Naruto, his blood enemy Sasuke, his creator, parents, and in-laws, Leinad has shown to be matching Madara Uchiha in terms of strength and power.
In one of several crossover events, Leinad managed to take the place of M. Bison in the Street Fighter universe, resulting in the acquisition of Psycho Power. This further increased his close-range fighting skills. He also encountered Magneto from the Earth-96169 universe, and acquired the power of magnetism, creating his own Magnet Release Techniques.
Leinad also mysteriously stumbled into Gotham City during the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, watching the criminal underworld in the shadows. He heard stories of a League of Assassins, and investigated their leader, Rā's al Ghūl. Learning of his powers, Leinad sought after him. Eventually, he met his daughter, Talia, who he viewed to be a perfect student candidate. He then went through the Trial of Demon, and eventually became Rā's al Ghūl's successor.
Leinad also possess the power of black magic after his venture into Outworld and challenging Shao Kahn. With Shao Kahn's defeat, Leinad gained control of Outworld and it's armies, further increasing his military strength.
Leinad also fell into the Metal Gear universe. However, he could only remember one name: John. From this, he grew to be the legendary soldier known as Big Boss. Unfortunately, his powers were useless here, so to combat his ninja inflexibility, he ordered the creation of Frank Jeager, the future Gray Fox. He was cloned a second time, this time to produce actual Sons of Big Boss. This infuriated Big Boss, and made him amassed the massive armies of Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land. His organizations were short-lived, thanks to Solid Snake, but Leinad regained his lost powers, and through time, amassed his former armies, as well as future armies that were inspired by his career, making him an absolute power.
Leinad was forced back to his younger self and was placed, along with the known Metal Gears, in the Gundam Wing universe, in the year A.C. 179, during the reign of the Sanc Kingdom. Here, after risking his life on numerous occasions for the monarch, was he actually adopted and given the name Tiberius Peacecraft. There, he spawned numerous successful defense campaigns across the kingdom. However, when the Sanc Kingdom was invaded by a new power in A.C. 182, he took his adopted siblings into hiding, then he himself remained hidden inside his personal Arsenal Gear, watching the United Earth Sphere Alliance and the Organization of the Zodiac take control of the world, and sought after the Colonies. After thirteen years, he set in motion the seeds of Operation Meteor. However, it wasn't until A.C. 198 did Tiberius emerged to the surface and reclaimed the monarch power. As the Commander-in-Chief of the United Earth Sphere Nation, he ensured the defense of all members and the Colonies.
Leinad mysteriously was "copied" and replicated in the Digital World during this time, where he was suppose to be a Defender. However, his coding got scrambled with specifically WarGreymon, and when the copy was successfully created, he became an interesting copy of WarGreymon. At first glance, the copy could be mistaken for the real thing, but the copy still held the knowledge of Leinad, and possessed only a few of the original Leinad's abilities. After numerous adventures, "WarLeinmon," the name given for the copy, found it way back into the real world and face-to-face with Leinad. Leinad merged the two bodies together and gained access to the powers of WarGreymon and become Ultra WarLeinmon. Through the merging, he discovered that the Psycho Power could enhance WarGreymon. When he merged the two powers together, he became BlackWarGreymon, due the evil of the Pyscho Power. As BlackWarLeinmon, he gained control of numerous Digimon and established an empire in the Digital World.
Leinad warped into the Final Fantasy Universe and sought a new job. From here, he got a new look and became a member of SOLDIER, marking his legendary status here. However, he went with the alias "Cloud Stife." His physical appearance and memories were transplanted into a clone that would continue his legacy.
The second Leinad
The second person to bear the name "Leinad" originated in the Twenty-Second Century, where super-soldiers were the tools of war. Leinad was created through the DNA of Inu no Taishō and Izayoi, using Inuyasha's and Sesshomaru's as a template. Before the lab that created him was destroyed, his creator took him back in time to the late Twentieth Century, where a human woman became his surrogate mother.
It would not be until he hit puberty that his demonic abilities began to awaken. He'd take time off of school in order to control his physical changes, which included his hair, ears, and eyes. His DNA was altered to give him two identities: one human, and the other half-demon. At sixteen, he learned of his origins and sought out his creator, who was monitoring him since his birth. He gave Leinad the time-traveling device, which gave him the idea to go into the Sixteenth Century, where his brothers were battling demons. However, the device malfunctioned and ended up in the Eleventh Century on Horai Island.
On the island, he was discovered by Asagi and taken in by the villagers. Over time, he began to develop feelings for her. Before the Invasion of the Four War Gods, the two got married and had a child in secret, which was under the guise as a sister.
While the island was under the Gods' control, Leinad kept his family well hidden for 350 years. It was during an attempted escape that he and everyone else was marked, which occured 50 years before Inuyasha first stumbled on the island. Separated from his family, Leinad wouldn't hear a word about them for about a hundred years.
He then sought after more power to liberate the island, and came across the story of the Shikon Jewel. He then sought after Kikyo for the jewel, but in a case of mistaken identity, Leinad was sealed to a tree by a sacred arrow on the other side of Kaede's Village. Leinad would remain there for over fifty years.
Kagome then stumbled upon him on a walk and freed him. Eager to meet his brother, Leinad got into a battle with Inuyasha, which ended surprisingly in Leinad's victory and acceptance. He then stuck around, training Kohaku and Shippo in improving their skills.
Eventually, Leinad's soul was split, giving the darkness in Leinad a physical form. The new being, which became know as Yami Leinad, sought after the Sounga, which was believed to be cast into the Netherrealm. To counter this move, Leinad made a deal with Sesshomaru to gain the pieces of the Tokijin, which his used as well as other powers and materials to reforge the sword into a deadlier weapon.
He also brought the team together to aid in his journey, despite them having families. Leinad personally retrained Sango as a demon slayer, and grew fond of her. However, the two began to fall for one another, and Leinad's heart was put to the test when he was reunited with Asagi. Their love was short-lived when Leinad and Sango had stumbled upon her and Miroku after a long training session. Betrayed, Leinad left Asagi and grieved in solitude. Sango left Miroku and found him, and the two confessed their feelings.
When Leinad gave his life to save everyone, his goodness went into Yami Leinad's physical form and balanced his soul again, bringing Leinad back. He and Sango eventually got married and lived their days in peace with their family.
Since people like to have rules, let's have some here
If you make idiotic rules because you don't like "stupid people," then you should've never came over to this site.
If you have reasonable rules, such as "No random invites" or "Talk to me before sending an invite," and finally "No welcomes, I'm not new," I can respect them.
If I get tired of your endless negative comments, you won't be able to see those comments or my rules, because you'll be blocked.
If you need help, ask. I'll see what I can do.
If you need someone to talk to, I'll listen.
If you speak in txt talk, I will get upset with you or mis-translate.
One word comments and emoticons are welcomed.
If you like this or me, then vote! I wanna see myself at least once on that list.

If you support certain people and/or their boyfriend/girlfriend, you have disappointed me, and have stooped to a new low. You should be die in antagonizing pain.
If you friended certain people and/or their boyfriend/girlfriend and you're new, then you, my friend, need to be educated.
If you support or friend anyone on my s*** list, suspected of mocking a friend of mine, or cause me grief, I hope you enjoy being bitched at.

I will warn you right now, I can be silly, cute, grumpy, an asshole, and many other things. I prefer to be random. :P

The Important Rule
If you block me, you're a coward.
If I block you, I got tired of your bullshit.

I have one and ONLY warning to you: you betray me, anyone close to me, or my heart, and I'll make your life a living hell on here. I hate traitors, cheaters, players, and liars to my heart, so DO NOT try to mess with me if you fall into one of these catagories.
Yes, yes, I'm sexy and I know it.

Shut up, fool! Or I'll be bitch-slapping your ***, sucka!

I still play Yu-Gi-Oh!, and I do have an extensive dragon collection. Note: these are the actual versions I have.

The words that I never changed...
Dear Crystal,
I never knew that you loved me three years ago. For those years, I've had people coming and going in my life, and you came by to stay in my life. You've given me a reason to live and chase after my dreams again. You're my beautiful angel, my partner, my one and only true love. I'll love you until I cannot love in any way anymore.You're someone I can be with and not worry about you leave, someone I want to eventually marry and have kids with, someone that will love me for me, and won't try to change me. My love has no limits, and I feel like a soulmate to you. My heart can only beat with you. My life can only continue with you. You are the whole world to my universe. I will always love and protect you, even at the cost of my life. <333333333333

Letters that mean something to me...
Dear Daniel <3

When you are down please come to me. Please look at me and tell me whats wrong. Let me heal your heart and help you. Im your wife and your my husband. Your my soulmate and we were meant to e together. I want to help you no matter what so PLEASE let me help you when your sad.

I love you,

Dear dan,

Hmm where to start. Lol. I love you with all my heart and soul. You been so good to me for all these years. Been a father but it came to erupt end and it began a new relasionship. Im your wife and Im happy to be. Im so in love with you. You make me smile more than anyone. Make me cry when you are sad. Make me sing when you make me blush. *blushes* Your also a goodfather and husband. I would change nothing about you. I love you Daniel. I always have and always will.

Love your wife,

Never delete~
I will love you forever
I will cherish you forever
Your the one I love the most
Your the only on ehwo means the most
Your my heart forever
Daniel. Please stay with me forever


Look at my Pokemon team. Suck it.

How the boss goes.
Got a problem?

Before you ask me a question, here's the answer:

This is me everyday. Facepalming like a Big Boss.

Reacting from losing a a Big Boss!

Taking care of computer problems, like a Big Boss!

Dealing with your insult, like a Big Boss.

Dealing with your bitching, just like a Big Boss.

Handling trolls like a Big Boss.

Hating Pokemon like a Big Boss.

I want YOU to accept my invites! Cuz I'm Big Boss!

Meaning behind my name?
L - Loyalty, no matter what; Adorable; Looking, learning, loyalty.
E - Encouraging you to be all you are capable of; Can kick your ***; Electrifying, engaging, euphoria.
I - Instant connection when eye contact is made; Has one of the best personalities ever; Interest, intrigue, insights.
N - No one is greater then the other; Rebellious; Nice, nourishing, needs.
A - Ability to overcome anything; Easy to fall in love with; Attention, affection, appreciation.
D - Daring you to take that risk of falling in love; Very very easy to fall in love with

U - Understand one another; Has a smile to die for; Universal, unconditional, understanding.
Z - Loved by everyone; Zany, zeal, Zen.
U - Understand one another; Has a smile to die for; Universal, unconditional, understanding.
M - Man; Very good kisser; Mutual, meaningful, massages.
A - Ability to overcome anything; Easy to fall in love with; Attention, affection, appreciation.
K - Knowing what the other person likes and wants; Crazy; Knowing, kind, kisses.
I - Instant connection when eye contact is made; Has one of the best personalities ever; Interest, intrigue, insights.

The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Team. If you wanna join, speak up. Remember: one person per slot.
Zordon of Eldar - BigxBoss112 (Me)
Alpha 5 -
Red Ranger -
Blue Ranger -
Yellow Ranger -
Black Ranger -
Pink Ranger -
Green Ranger -
White Ranger - rosstheraptor
Lord Zedd - LordZedd
Rita Repulsa - RitaRepulsaMaster
Goldar -
I'll get the rest later.

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