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I was bored so I put this here


AnimeKillers - Your one stop shop for Hatred and Madness
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About Me

Image Gangtm: A Group of members who are crude and rude to everyone and each other. they leave mayham and chaos behind where ever they go and if it they weren't enough trouble. They will be here to stay

Boysconian Energy is a energy that increases members savagery and much more. It gives us sense so fast that we can dodge a bullet at point blank range. IT also increase Strength to become close to a Train hitting level or make us move so fast it's impossible to block. But like all things it must have a weakness. The only weakness can not work against other Boys.Co memebers. Well Boysconian Energy has an actual Power Source is the member itself. You see the Energy output is determined by the Rage, Broken Sanity, and Savagery a member has. But that's not just it. It also comes from your personal experience in life. So if you had something dramatic happen to you. The energy will scan for it and use it to deepen your powers. But don't think a mere anime could get this Power because remember kiddies. Only Boys.Co Members can obtain it

JD Jenkins
Age 17
Race: Black
Weapons: Keyblade, Power Gloves, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Mostly Cruel
Animes killed: 83,813

Cam Hughdean
Age: 14
Race: white
Hair: Blond
Weapons: Sonic Speed (SEGA form) ,Chained Knives, Knights Shield, Killers Pistol, Boysconian Energy
Mood: At times Crazy and funny.
Animes Killed 60 Billion<
Relationship: TAKEN.....somehow

Zieth Cunnely
Age: 13
Race: White
Hair: Black (yeah he's a Goth)
Weapons: Mage Staff, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Smart, kinda voice of reason
Animes Killed: 628

Nancy Thompson

Age: 13
Race: White
Hair: Purple
Weapons: Slap stick
Mood: Looney girl
Animes Killed: None

Slouth Brion
Age: 16
Race: What you think
Hair: Blond
Weapons: Boysconian Energy, is extreamly Strong
Mood: Too Serious and Kinda of a jerk
Animes killed: 50 Billion<

Zack Beagon
Age: 13
Race: White
Hair: Blond
Weapons: Electric stars
Mood: A little bossy, but smart about it
Animes Killed: 7,234

Cody Sodack
Age: 8
Hair: Blond
Weapons: Pollen Morphing, Lots of Firearms, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Very Childish,
Animes Killed: 232,784

Rock Tuesdale
Age: 14
Hair: Orange with stiches *wears a Red Hat backwards*
Weapons: Spiked Brace Knuckles , Boysconian Energy
Mood: Cocky, Not too trustworthy
Animes Killed: 9,345

Age: unknown
Race: Wolf Pup
Fur: Brown
Weapons: Keyblade, Teeth, Fire
Mood: Voice of reason, really nice
Animes Killed: 2

Andy Truman
Age: 15
Race: White
Hair: Orange
Weapons: Ninja Necklace that shoots purple Lightning, wind Control, Ninja Stars, Ninja Shire kens, Boysconian Energy
Mood: smart, Follows rules
Animes Killed: 15,345

Ruby Nordain
Age: 14
Race: White
Hair: Dark Red
Weapons: Flames
Relationship: Kevin Malard
Mood: Really Bossy, Nice to certain people.
Animes Killed: 457

Kevin Malard
Age: 14
Race : White
Hair: Blond
Weapons: Telekinesis, Boysconian Energy
Relationship: Ruby Nordain
Mood: Nice and shy
Animes killed: 1

Kin Albeno
Age: 10
Race: White...
Weapons: Lots of Fire Arms, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Hoodlum, kinda quirky
Animes Killed: 356

Shuk Albeno
Age: 10
Race: White
Weapons: Katanas, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Honorable, not too chatty but can be silly
Animes Kills: 382

Zeba "Z.B" Conchos
Age: 12
Race: White
Hair: Blond *has on a Red Cap thing*
Weapons: Boysconian energy
Mood: Good
Animes Killed: None so far

Duke Lovason
Age: 15
Race white
Hair: Black *Goth boy*
Weapons: Ninja Necklace that shoots black lightning, Shadow the Hedgehog Speed, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Kind of bad but good sport
Animes Killed: 56,702

Juk Dugundun
Age: 15
Race: White
Hair: Black
Weapons: Fire Arms, Knives, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Crude
Animes Killed: 3,234

Roug Bellington
Age: 14
Race: *sighs*
Hair: Black
Weapons: None, Boysconian Energy
Mood: A Greedy person
Animes Killed: 4,728

Brandon Brion
Age: 14
Hair Blond
Weapons: himself, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Just pure bad
Anime Killed: 50 Billion<

Joey Ziggs
Age: 14
Hair: Dirty Blond
Weapons: Fire Arms, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Lunatic Bad ***
Animes Killed: 5,672

Jack Braigs
Age: 14
Race: ...
Hair: Black
Weapons: Him self, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Lunatic Powerhouse
Animes Killed: 6,034

John Larder
Age: 15
Hair: Blond
Weapons: Himself, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Cocky Sportsman
Animes Killed: 3,509

Jakey Diffos
Age: 14
Race: White
Hair: Blond
Weapons: Himself, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Nice guy with a under handed way
Animes Killed: 6,140

Zenny Gilfardragous
Age: 14
Race: ...
Hair: Orange
Weapons: Zenergy, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Mad with scientific power
Animes Killed: 2,890
Elite 9
Kendrick Johnson
Age: 17
Race: White
Hair: Black
Weapon: Boysconian Energy
Mood: Willed Fighter
Animes Killed: 50,345

Kova Nova Jova Lenason
Ages: 10
Race: White
Hair: Blonde
Weapon: Boysconian Energy, Spiked Hat, Spiked Suit, Spiked Jeans
Mood: griping brothers
Animes Killer: 76,521(3x)

Baron Doch
Age: 15
Race: White
Hair: Brown
Weapon: Boysconian Energy, Fradiator bombs
Mood: Annoyed Inventor
Animes Killed: 321,853

Drake Conroe

Age: 16
Race: White
Hair: Orange
Weapon: Boysconian energy, The Kaa Pick Ax
Mood: Chilled rider
Animes Killed: 540,000

KC.K (Kyle Clinton Kintin)
Age: 15
Race: White
Hair: Black
Weapon: Boysconian Energy, Chained Knives
Mood: Careless Pimp
Animes Killed: 290,540

Roucunga Da'von
Age: 19
Race: White
Hair: Brown
Weapon: Boysconian Energy(rarely used), unbeatable Strength
Mood: Cocky Rampaging Powerhouse
Animes Killed: 60 billion

Jacin Thompson
Age: 10
Race: White
Hair: Black
Weapon: Boysconian Energy, Electricity, Machines
Mood: Crazed Prince
Animes Killed: 60 billion

Jo'sun Gai'Jolus
Age: 16
Race: White
Hair: Black
Weapon: Boysconian Energy, Gravity control
Mood: Silent
Animes Killed: 60 Billion

Jacob Thompson
Age: 19
Race: white
Hair: Black
Weapons: Keyblade, Magma, Fire, Ground, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Cunning Ruler over all of Boys.Co but still fun to be around
Animes Killed: 60 Billion<

Owen McCloudly
Age: 11
Race: White
Hair: Dirty Blond
Weapon: Control, Boysconian Energy
Mood: A bit Goofy but sad at times
Animes Killed: 56,827

Age: ?-18
Race: White
Hair: Long Red Crimson Hair
Weapon: Himself *is big and muscular*, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Always serious and deadly
Animes Killed: * More than Cam that's for sure.

Age: ?
Race: White
Hair: Long Orange hair
Weapon: himself *like Raukeca but has Giant Metal Gauntlets on his Fore arms*, Fire manipulation, Boysconian Energy
Mood: Crazy but deadly
Animes Killed: More than Cam
All Characters are owned by AnimeKillers


The Boysconians hold many secrets. I know and see them all. They brought ruin to this very world. Soon, they shall burn and fall
I will continue to watch you all
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