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Amehsk - True Otaku
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Interests:*Love anything supernatural and magical. *I'm Apatheist. *Tennis and Basketball are my favorite sports. *I'm a nocturnal creature. ^^ I am a total Otaku!!! * Love reading and writing. Wanna become an author someday!!!
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Anime That I Like

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About Me

Hi Guys n Gals!


Anime is my ultimate fantasy! A place where I can escape to from boring reality.
It teaches you so many things like facing challenges , being happy, never losing hope and of course finding love...


I am a complete anime freak and I love checking out the latest anime and manga. And of course comparing the two.


Finding this website was a gift from heaven cause now i can share my love for anime and manga with other like me and hear their views on the subject.

My all time fav animes are:

Fushigi Yugi (My frist anime and a huge part of my heart!)
Skip Beat
Death Note (I LOVE L!)
Kuroshitsuji (Sebastian- Can I get a HOT HOT!)
Fairy Tail
Fruits Basket
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Maid Sama
Ouran High School Host Club
Princess Tutu
Vampire Knight (Kaname- *Sighs*)
Ufo Baby,
Cardcaptor Sakura,
Dragon Ball Z,
Busou Renkin
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
Lucky Star
The Law of Ueki
Ghost Fighter
Angel Tales
Rink of Glory
Flame of Recca
Chronicle of the Wings
Dear Boys
Hungry Heart
Hell Girl
Black Cat
God (?) Save our King!
Towards the Terra
Gakuen Alice
and a hell lot more!!!!!!

I love reading Fiction books that's why I relate to make believe stuff a lot!


My biggest desire is to one day live in Japan. *Dreaming*

PM me if you wanna be friends!!!


P.S: A little something for you!

I usually read only One-Shot manga but when I do read anything else I become addicted to it!

I love to read and write, watch Anime and draw Manga.
Future Plans- Never give up any of the above.

And now for some good old anime fun :D

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Hope those made you smile XD

from RedPega..

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