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About Me

I suppose the things I pride myself on - this 'self', if you will - is more a product of accident and circumstance than any willful decision of myself to try to be this way. In that sense, I suppose you could say that I have no basis for my pride, and that this is nothing but empty hubris; as I could have easily ended up completely different from the smallest changes to my circumstances. And you' be right.

Yet, I love myself, flaws and all. And I do think that the things I'm doing, and the decisions I'm making, while not always 'right', are the best ones I could make. I guess what 'm trying to say is: "if I could live my life over, I think I'd make the same decisions and end up in the exact same place".

Try not to be boring
Random adds will not be accepted
Don't take me too seriously; I never do
If you can't spell, please stay away from me
Don't be a d***; it's not fun for anyone. Other than me, ofcourse
Enjoy yourself, and be yourself. That's what's most important

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