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フェニックス ▫ シャドウ


【 PHOENIX ▫ SHADOW ▪ MALE ▫ LEO ▪ 20▫ single....】

Phoenix is a gentle and kind-hearted person, the opposite of Shadow.
Until you piss him off, he will not hold back his anger and
he will kill or hurt you. As for Shadow, who is Phoenix's counterpart
and other half. Shadow is cold, cruel, and doesn't care about anyone
or anything besides himself. When he fights his opponents,
he tortures and plays around with them until he gets bored.
Then throwing them aside as if they were trash.



❝ Look to the future.. ❞

Name ▪ Phoenix // Shadow ┇ Age ▫ Eternal ┇ Gender ▪ Male
Occupation ▪ God Of All Sciences ┇ Weapon(s) ▫ Positive And Negative Dimensions

▰ ▱ ▰

Special Abilities ▪ Can Nullify Almost Anything ┇ Favorite Food ▫ Ramen
Type ▪ Full Prosthetic┇ Inherited Trait ▫ Deathless ┇ Relationship Status ▪ Single


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Well the pic isnt a gif and i wanted to find a gif and noodle and 2D but i couldnt find any TAT
I hope this will work in the end and i also need to find a pic for the oldest one as well ~
. . . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .
完璧 ~
Anyways Dy-kun ive been thinking and thinking about wat to say to you that you already havent known ~?
Well for first is that im so proud of you for having a job and helping your dad and well pretty much everything, you sure are growing up to be a fine young man you know ~
And wow do i sound like a mom just now but im serious you know, im really proud of you and how the first time i met you, and im glad that i met you ~
That i had the courage to say hello to you, which i thought your gonna be mean to me if im being honest i donno why but i guess its because im always being hated on but your not like that and for that im very happy ~
Im happy that i met you Dy-kun ~
I always know when i have a problem and i come to you, you can always make me smile, make me laugh and we talk about stupid dumb things over the phone that we start to debate on it like were in HS, well it takes me back to HS ~
I cant say how much thankful i am for the friendship we have and i do cherish it as long as i can ~
Your someone who i can really say that your a true friend and well you are you truly are and im being serious about it ~
Out of people i talk to, only you and a couple of my close friends have really my trust and my loyalty ~
And its not easy coming from me but i love you Dy-kun and ill always cherish you ♡
I love you and dont you ever EVER forget it ~! ♡♡♡

♡ Sayaka ( 3-27/17 )


Anyways Dy-Kun my bestist Buddeh this messege is to thank you for everything you have done for me up till this point ~
When im sad you would always come to my rescue to make me smile and laugh once more as i am always here for you, when you can vent your feelings to me and would be here to help you and giving you support and love as well ~
Also dy-kun if i ever go to Ari ima gonna hunt you down and give you the most giagiantic hug i can ever give you ~
Why well why not >u< because i love you and i always want you to be happy ~
And even when your not you know you can yell at me ~
But its a brand new year to make new memories with people you love ♡♡♡♡

♡ Sayaka ( 1-18-17 )


Thats IT DY-KUN ~!!!!
Ima leave a special messege to you from me ~
So ima leave all the messeges i gave you and starting today i shall put the DATE on em at the end ~
But ima sad because i donno the date from the last one T^T
Oh well starting today is a new day, full of flowers and pretty butterflies ~

Jya i shall start ne ~

Ehem, ehem ~
Dy-kun you special munchie munchie i value our friendship 1000000% ( ehe so many zeros )
But ima serious i love you and i love our friendship that we have, i wouldnt wanna break something as important as friendship ~
And i know when you text me i hardly reply, its probably because im in a situation where i kinda wanna shut down but it isnt your fault ~
You make me when you can and i love it when you do, it makes me happy from the bottom of my heart ( well wats left of it that is )
We will always and forever be close and if you ever need me you know where to reach me and you know that you can rely on me for watever you need so dont be shy, tell me because were friends, we lend out a helping hand when we can ~

( P.S if ima not here and its an emergency you can spam me in text or calls till i reply ~
I give you permission )

♡ Sayaka 10/29/2016


Hi Hi Dy-kun ~
Gomen for havent been talking to you and spending time with you as much anymore ~
Time has taken me and that work is making me tired ehe ~
Anyways i hope you love the edit i did for you AND as a special suprise ~
I made you a 3D gif, my present to you ~
And your the first one to get it, yay ~
Anyways i hope you doing well and and and . . ~
I have nothing to say T^T ~
GOMEN ~!!!!
Edited by Diviner ~
Please no steal ~


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