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Vampire Knight

Created by XxThirstxX


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15 months ago
[OMFG, would you shut the hell up!
one, why the f*** are you bringing up something in the past, and TWO, that f*** doesn't prove s***, all you did was post a randomly comment, don't f*** tell me
what was my fault, and what wasn't! I'm not damn stupid!
The fight was YOUR fault, so stop bringing up s*** from the past, acting like your a miss know it all. When you disappeared and quit this RP!]

16 months ago
(Sorry to hear that. I killed off Aidou when Anne cut all ties with him and went to the VK rp that Bel created) *Lelouch would remain, sitting on the grave while staring off into the sky, not knowing what to do now that everything had fallen apart.*

16 months ago
[i actually made a new one, but no one joined. so im trying to bring this one to life]

Takuma couldn't help but frown as he thought of all the good times, being here, reminded him of zero and that was something he didn't need. It hurt to be reminded but that didn't mean he wouldn't cherish the memories.

Walking off takuma would head towards the grave sight,
as he wanted to pay his respects to those who he called lied burried.

16 months ago
(Sadly this room kinda died off) *Sitting down by the gravestone with Rose, Lelouch knew that this was the end of Cross Academy, the end of relationships, and soo much more. But 1 truth still remains. things can only get better from here on out*

16 months ago
Dressed in a black cloak, the hood covering his blonde hair and half his was, takuma would stand in the entrance way to cross academy. His eyes narrowing at the sight of it. Things had change, nothing would ever be the same as they used to be. And takuma knew that.

17 months ago
*sits down with Rose*

17 months ago
*smiles* u mind if I sit with u Rose?

17 months ago
ahh, Im sorry to hear that Rose

17 months ago
*continues to sing*

17 months ago
(Anne, wrong rose. I went to the actual rose in here. Not Anne. XD)
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