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Polls – Rules and Guidelines

Post by Crazeye » 08 Jun 2014, 14:06

“Polls – Rules and Guidelines”

Basic Rules of Engagement:

The Main Rules and Guidelines apply to this section. However, they shall be spelled out so that no rules are infringed.
  • Do not post any personal information such as passwords and anything that may violate the privacy of the users.
  • Creating threads that may promote or lead to future derailment or drama should be carefully considered before posting.
  • Posting inappropriate images and statements is not allowed.
  • The topics in polls should be constricted to “polls”
  • Do not use derogatory words against a user.

Violation of the aforementioned rules will lead to a lock, edit, move, or deletion of the post/thread.

Spam, Double-Posting, Derailment and Necro’s:

    i/- It is considered a spam if a user posts in multiple threads without adding much value to the said discussions in the respective threads in a small time period. This may result in deletion of the spam and a warning.
    ii/- Double-Posting, as is obvious from the term, is when you post twice in a thread without waiting for a user’s response. It is advised to keep your responses in one post. Failure to comply will lead to a warning and the posts will be merged into one.
    iii/- Thread derailment is when the discussion is drifting away from the topic at hand. Depending on the gravity of the derailment the thread may be locked, or cleaned, (the off-topic posts will be removed) the users involved in the derailment might receive a warning if the derailment was intentional.
    iv/- Necro is when you post in a thread that has not been posted in for over two weeks, or has been pushed off the first page. A ‘helpful’ necro is when you post a valuable opinion in thread. However, if you post in a dead thread just to say, “lol”, then that is a ‘bad’ necro. In case of a bad necro, the post will be deleted and the user will be warned.
    There will be a limit on the amount of necro’s as well. You cannot bring back more than one topic in a week. Every topic deserves attention, bringing back too many threads might lead to the burial of a thread that may attract potential discussion.

How Many Threads can I Create?

You can create at most two threads in one week. This limit is so that other polls do not get buried under the new ones.

Things to Take into Consideration while Creating a Poll:

  • One sentence OP’s tend to create a confusion about the intended purpose of the thread. It is highly recommended for you to explain your intention behind the thread. For example, you want a character face off; try listing specific scenarios (or a single scenario) under which you want the people to base their discussion on.
  • Make sure that you mention your opinion on the matter inside the OP. This might help clarify to the readers what you have in mind.
  • What’s so different about a topic in Polls, without any poll? The thing that sets Polls apart from the rest of the forums is the poll! Since you are posting in Polls, make sure to use the handy Poll generator right below the post body.

Things to Take into Consideration while responding to a Poll:

  • Read the OP; don’t let the title of the forum dictate your response. The OP must contain something that requires your attention.
  • If you are posting in an X v/s Y thread and you strongly believe that X wins. Don’t just reply, “X” Post what makes you think X is better than Y. What makes X so special; is it personal preference, or do you have something to back up your decision? Give a logical explanation; do not simply say, “X is better because I said so!”
  • In some scenarios, “I agree” and similar responses are acceptable, however, these types of responses will not be entertained. Never quote a user and post it as it is. At least add something worthwhile to it. If such a trend is observed in Polls, those posts will be deleted on sight.

What goes where?

This is the most important part, so pay extra attention here!

  • Individual Threads:
    Taking into consideration what the Polls section has been primarily used for in the past, a majority of its content falling under two sole categories (will briefly crack those down as well), a few changes will be made to reduce clutter and separate misc. content from polls that could potentially be carried out in one single thread. For example, if characters, be it of any type, or anime have a big fandom and can possibly draw out a fair amount of constructive arguments/participants, then it deserves its own thread. Other topics that have multiple choices provided and are not one v/s one in any way can also be accepted as individual threads. However, individual polls will be allowed with some essential requirements.

      As suggested by the following, this is in no way meant to restrict or discourage users out of generating their own topics, but to henceforth improve the general quality of each respective thread in the Polls section.

    Prerequisite for individual polls:
    • OP must contain no less than 5 sentences.
    • Sentences should constitute of 5+ words average.
      Singular OPs, along with the minimum sentences, must have 4+ optional choices.
    • Note: Ideally, so that I don't have to forcefully axe thy poll, it is advised that you approach The Wild Eye prior to releasing The Kraken- your poll. That way, should there be need for modifications, it can be adjusted accordingly before releasing it to the public.

  • The V/S Chamber:
    The V/S chamber is specifically meant for high quality discussion. If you think you have and awesome idea that can attract many people and be a worthwhile topic to debate on, then by all means post your suggested match up and why you think it is valuable. This forum will however not entertain character v/s character face offs, it is meant for determining the most favored music, movie, brands, food, etc.
  • The Character Face-Offs:
    If you wish to determine an outcome between two people, or two groups of people (and both the anime, movie, etc. do not have a huge fandom) then post your suggested match up in the Face Off Suggestions thread.

If you have any queries, direct them towards me and I'll gladly answer to you.
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