Pictures of yourself! (Joke Pics will not be tolerated)

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Pictures of yourself! (Joke Pics will not be tolerated)

Post by Usagi » 26 Jul 2008, 21:48

This thread here is a place for everyone to post real life pictures of YOU!
Please keep things tasteful and civil. Joking pictures will not be tolerated, otherwise pictures will be removed at my own discretion. Please follow the rules. Not following them will either cause your post to be deleted or an appropriate punishment given by mods.

o Do not come to this topic asking how to post pictures. Your post will be deleted.
So for those of you who don't know how to upload a picture and post it, just upload a picture to any photo sharing site, then place the direct link between
the IMG Code
like this v

Code: Select all


o Do not use this topic discuss personal/unrelated matters, this is not a public chat. Stay on topic!
o Comments on photos will be allowed, but don't spam posts commenting on each photo.
Do not post joke pictures. This thread is for IRL pictures of you only. Doing so will result in a deletion of the post. A continuation of doing so after the deletion will result in a warning.
o Cosplay pictures is allowed. However it must be of you
o No Nudity, No Inappropriate Pictures, No Spam, No Flaming
o Keep your hormones in check, Be respectful
o Please refrain from saving pics in this thread unless the user who post says you can
o If you have a more than 5 pictures to post, please use a spoiler
o Do not post broken links (Invalid URLs), Do not post moved or deleted images

Thank You

Something to keep in mind:
Eclairh wrote:granny alert: anispace is open for public view, any internet user may use and observe this site (including the forums). The higher quality your pictures are, the easier they are to edit & published on other websites/print material. More likely they may end up be used for the wrong purposes. Put your anispace url or something on your pics to protect them from being misused :?
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Post by Ksutrkgrl » 28 Jul 2008, 13:38

This is me at a fb game last year....


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How do you Look like?

Post by Xed0 » 06 Aug 2008, 20:45

Brandon Pratt
Aged 22
Height 6'4
Pic(omg so SMEXY):
This pic is aboot a year old....Im not as "chubby" now.

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