Introduction To Manga 《Rules & Guidelines》

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Introduction To Manga 《Rules & Guidelines》

Post by RukiaKuchiki » 30 Mar 2015, 22:59


Hey all, Welcome to the Manga Section of Anispace's forum. To reduce some of the clutter and disorder, we moderators of the section are here to announce the new rules and guidelines for this section.

What are the rules for posting in this thread?

I'm pretty lenient when it comes to rules, but I do have a few guidelines I'd like everyone to follow:

1). Before you make a thread, check if there's an identical one on the first two pages.
♢ Please check if there is an already existing thread. Saves the trouble for the moderators to merge the two threads together, and saves you the time wasted on making the thread.. Or, if possible and not broken, use the search function instead.

2). Contribute to the topic.
♢ Don’t just post “This is my favorite manga”or “What’s your favorite manga?” and not give a reason why to it. Giving a fleshed out answer keeps the topic going and makes it easier for members to responsed to. If I find post like these they will be considered as a ‘spam’ and spam = not allowed in this section!

3). Do not post nonsense.
♢ You are not required to reply to every single thread and post in a forum. Please only reply if you have something useful to add to the thread. Posts such as "None", "I agree", "OK" and "Me too" are all considered nonsense. If you do not have anything helpful to say in a thread or you do not know the answer to a question, please do not post simply to say that you do not have anything to say or that you do not know the answer the question.

4). Do not post to cause drama or incite an argument.
♢ No matter how clever or justified you think it is, don't use threads as a way to prove a personal point or to get back at someone – even if you do it in a very subtle way.
♢ Members are expected to be civil and polite at all times, even when disagreeing with another member.

5). Do not double post
♢ Please avoid double posting. If you forgot to add a message on at the end of a post, just edit it in using the edit button. We generally won't punish this, but if you're caught doing this a lot, a warning may be given.

6). Sexually explicit material is not allowed!
♢ Language and images should be kept PG-13 at all times.

*Please keep these rules in mind when posting in Manga section. We hope you all enjoy your time here.


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