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Re: Naruto High School AU RP

Post by chocolatemarshmellow » 14 Sep 2016, 22:03

She stood for a few seconds phased by Sakura's wittiness, then she took her seat, leaving a student confused, looking for his drink. She looked over her homework and put together what she thought made sense, some guy coming in at the start of class, distracting her by his eye catching dark hair. She wondered how he kept his hair like that, it looked kinda cool. After turning in her homework in, poorly completed, the teacher began to explain some of the work. Saiko then realized it was all really simple. "Why do i always miss this stuff? I could have gotten the whole thing, if only I payed more attention , unfortunately these thoughts further distracted her from class. She grew more and more lost in her imagination, fantasies of beating Choji by a land slide in a 20 bowl ramen eating contest. She thought he was impressive and would love the honor to challenge him, even if she didn't win. Needless to say she should have been looking back at her notes like Hinata, but she didn't take any and was no longer paying attention to anything the teacher was preaching :P

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Re: Naruto High School AU RP

Post by Sakuraplum » 15 Sep 2016, 23:55

The pink haired girl was focused on the flowers she was working on that were located on the sides of her paper. Without a moment to breath the class, all looked for the door as a blond boy ran quickly passed the open door in direction of the bathroom. "Really...? The week has only just started Naruto.," she says under her breath with a slight roll of her eyes. Feeling another familiar tap on her shoulders she turned her head slightly to hear the question asking for paper. "Sasuke if you need a notebook I can get you one...why don't you ever have supplies?" she said with a pout turning her head towards him before turning back and pulling out a couple sheets from a folder and handing them to him. "Here if you need more I think we have History together today..." she says in a quiet voice noticing everyone's attention starting to turn back to the teacher up ahead. Tuning in on what the teacher had to say she thought about Sasuke like she usually does and giggles in her head sketching cute drawing of the two on the sides of her paper once more.

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Re: Naruto High School AU RP

Post by Unit » 20 Sep 2016, 11:20

His eyes glanced to the door, as his rival ran quickly into the bathroom. He would choose not to engage in his nonsense. It would only get him into trouble aswell. He turned his attention to Sakura as she reached out to him with his requested paper. Sasuke would grasp upon the materials given to him by Sakura. "Thank you." He would then slouch back into his chair looking to the front. Attempting to keep his eyes upon the teacher, placing his hands together and staying quiet.

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Re: Naruto High School AU RP

Post by Brii » 28 Sep 2016, 11:36

The young second year was putting her outside shoes in her locker before changing into her inside shoes. She closed the locker with a bang and started to head up the stairs to her second year classroom. Once inside the classroom, she sat in the middle row by the window and took out her materials for class. Since she had a few minutes, she looked over her schedule for the day. It was packed to the brim, like usual, with classes, training and club activities. She had no time for a social life, not that it bothered her. The teacher came in and did attendance. At hearing her name being called, she stood up and introduced herself.

"My name is Ai Kobayashi. I have no interest in making friends or having a social life. I am merely here to study and train."

After her introduction, she sat down and gazed at the board, not even paying attention as her peers made their introductions. After the introductions, were made, classes began. Ai's eyes remained on the board, observing and absorbing all information present to her. Then the bell rang, ending first period. Gathering her belongings, Ai was out of the classroom in a flash and then walked to the roof for free time.

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