The Last Kingdom

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The Last Kingdom

Post by CaramelKisses » 11 Feb 2017, 16:23

(anyone is welcome to join but this is in a specific time period)

The wars between the Dane's and Saxons terrorize the land as what we know now as England, but during this time everyone is broken apart, fighting for their Gods, glory, and gold.

I am an assassin for the Dane's. I follow my king Ubba, an ignorant Dane who only listens to the Gods and no one else. I am sent by king Ubba to assassinate the king of Winchester, Lord Alfred, but get caught in the act of trying to poison his food, posing as a fake servant maid, now im on the run, my king Ubba has abandoned me, threatened me to kill me on site for not accomplishing my mission, the Saxons are after me...i am a wanted criminal everywhere. Who can I ally with? Befriend? I decide I'll fight with the pagans but getting there and convincing them I'm on there side will be troublesome...if I'm not already dead by the time I make it to the pagan king, Lord Lucius....

-the wind becomes brisk and bitter against my cheeks, I brace myself and pull on my horses reigns tighter to me, my knuckles turning into a marble white. It's getting close to winter now, and I just find shelter soon. I pull the reigns again, the great horse halts it's hooves deep into the muddy ground. I listen to the sky, the nature around me, for any disturbances. I look around now, my hand on my knife across my hip. Nothing... No sounds of birds chirping, or any crackle on the ground, but only the wind letting out a soft howl into the air, and the trees hymn with their leaves, brushing against each other. I grow apprehensive with this and have my horse proceed east. -
"why would a man looking for hope look into his own grave?"

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