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Drifters Discussion

Episodes: Unknown
Producer: NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Samurai, Seinen


Shimazu Toyohisa, whilst involved at the Battle of Sekigahara, manages to mortally wound Ii Naomasa, but is critically wounded in the process. As he walks from the field broken and bleeding, Toyohisa finds himself transported to a corridor of doors, where a bespectacled man at a desk waits for him. This man, Murasaki, sends Toyohisa into the nearest door where he wakes up in another world. There, Toyohisa meets other great warriors like him who have been transported as well, to be part of a group known as "Drifters."


My thoughts
(Based on watching the first episode)

The opening battle segment was pretty good, it was bloody and brutal which I really enjoyed. Art and animation was nicely done and the music isn't that bad.

As for the comedy, it wasn't funny and I felt it was implemented badly.
I didn't really enjoy it.

Overall, it was a decent first episode. I really did like the art and animation, the first part was strong, but as for the second part, it kinda fell flat. I guess I'll watch the next episode. It's got me interested.

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